Perfect Son

Perfect Son

Perfect Son


Polish artist Perfect Son (aka Tobiasz Biliński) is set to release his debut album Cast” on February 15th, 2019. The 10 track album, which features the lead single “It’s For Life,” was co-produced by Biliński and Marcin Buźniak at Axis Audio in Warsaw, with additional production from Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, and mixed/mastered by Buźniak.


Perfect Son is Sub Pop’s first Polish artist, the result of an extended interest in Biliński’s work and the country itself from label co-founder Jonathan Poneman. Several years ago, Biliński applied to play at South by Southwest as Coldair.  Poneman saw his performance, and was impressed. The two stayed in touch, with Poneman eventually signing Coldair to a publishing deal. “I bugged him about releasing my stuff constantly,” Biliński admits with a laugh. “And I guess he admired my persistence.”


On “It’s For Life,” Biliński’s soft falsetto and arching melodies are embedded in a world of enormous drums, pounded piano, and blown-out bass. The lyric video for the song (below), was co-directed by Biliński and his wife Anna Mayer-Bilińska, and shot in his hometown of Sopot, and in Warsaw, where he now resides.

Listen: Perfect Son – “It’s For Life” (radio edit)

Perfect Son – “It’s For Life” (radio edit)

Moving Panoramas

Moving Panoramas

Moving Panoramas

In Two

It’s the triumphant return of Austin, TX’s Moving Panoramas! Spacey but not alienating, loud yet still light, painting panoramic sound against a moving melodic backdrop, the new single “Baby Blues”
Moving Panoramas‘ 2015 debut LP “One”, conjured a wave of dream gaze and international acclaim, but unexpected roadblocks arose during production of this sophomore album, with health hiccups and timing twists causing release detours. Fortunately, the finish line has been crossed and the new LP, “In Two”, which takes flight 2/22/19 on Modern Outsider Records!


Moving Panoramas break the shell of “One” veritably “In Two” with the new record, expanding room for more diversity, rhythm, volume, instrumentation such as the swimmy pedal steel, plus special guests Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog/Sweet Spirit, and past Panoramas Karen Skloss, Jolie Flink, and Laura Colwell. Over the years, the band’s lineup featured a moving cast of magical busy talent, but has luckily landed on the incredibly solid current “Baby Blues” crew with Cara Tillman, Jordan Rivell, Jody Suarez, and Phil McJunkins.


The Austin Chronicle describes MP as, “Conjuring a big yet intimate sound reminiscent of Nineties output from Brit indie 4AD.” Pop Matters compares the music to Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and The Aislers Set saying, “Austin-based band Moving Panoramas waste no time creating a niche for themselves within that style…” NPR’s Songs We Love says, “The ingredients and the sentiment might be simple, but the outcome is disarmingly complex.” KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune says, “Moving Panoramas have been honing an expansive sound that is rooted in slithering guitar-work and crisp vocals.” Brooklyn Vegan says, “Austin’s Moving Panoramas make hazy psych pop with the kind of intricate harmonies that instantly elevate things a couple inches off the ground.” The Guardian (UK) New Band of the Week says, “They’re in Warpaint’s ballpark, or Best Coast’s hazy dream pop territory, and are most likely to make Theresa Wayman and co jealous.”

Listen: Moving Panoramas – “Baby Blues” (radio edit)

Moving Panoramas – “Baby Blues” (radio edit)

Royal Trux

Royal Trux

Royal Trux

"Every Day Swan" (clean edit)

It’s the first New Material In 18 Years from Royal Trux! Their lengthy recording break has done Nothing to diminish their visceral intensity, and as they plan a new album in the new year we’ve A Pair for you to throw immediately down your earholes (Crank These!)–“Every Day Swan” & “Get Used To This” (feat. Kool Keith)!


Royal Trux find innovation in their ‘Bitches Brew’ aesthetic which now defines the standard mash-up approach so commonly ascertained and claimed by the majority of musicians that whether cognizant or not have followed in Trux’s very large footsteps: “everything in the pot whether you like it or not,” deriving from world music, punk rock, jazz, metal, electronic, southern, teeny-bop and all the rest. In the tradition of the blues, through appropriation and re-evaluation, Royal Trux changed the way we think of music. Their return is nothing short of glorious.


After signing with a major label for major money in 1995 (neither of the two had bank accounts, credit cards, or drivers licenses) Royal Trux were promoted as bad ass wild cards, dangerous, – and a few other themes deemed “cool” as marketing gimmicks –  that stuck as an indelible image that still follows them. Mostly because it was (mostly) all true. Brazenly redefining the rules for alternative rock bands with genre-defying music, and the genius of Neil Hagerty’s playing, they were fronted by a willfully non-archetypal female singer whose stance became its own archetype over the years, as the world caught on to the need for a new breed. Subsequently, a generation of females looked to Jennifer Herrema for inspiration, emulation and commodification. Their abrupt and lengthy absence came to a close in 2015 when they reformed for a string of shows.

Listen: Royal Trux – “Every Day Swan” (clean edit)

Royal Trux – “Every Day Swan” (clean edit)

Royal Trux Tour Dates

Royal Trux Tour Dates

Royal Trux


2/13  Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA

2/15  Terminal 5 – New York, NY

2/16  The Sinclair – Boston, MA

2/20  El Club – Detroit, MI

2/22  Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

2/23  First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

2/26  Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC

2/27  Showbox – Seattle, WA

3/02  August Hall – San Francisco, CA

3/08  Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall


KT Tunstall’s newly released album “WAX” was produced by Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy, has a rockin’ sound and and is a Great way to re-discover this passionate artist who delivers powerful tunes and kicks it out hard on her latest!


Speaking about her 6th studio album, KT Tunstall says of ‘WAX’ “I knew before I started writing that I wanted it to be an electric guitar record. It had to be visceral, about the physical, and the weight of that, and the obstacles of that. It’s a record about human-ness, which we so often just write off as ‘flaws’.”


The title a nod to the viscous pungency of one of the body’s natural substances. “Wax evokes colonies of bees, candlelight, the material that the first long-playing records were made of”, Tunstall explains, “but more than that, wax is produced inside your own head. You unconsciously create it, and then weirdly that same basic substance has been used for centuries to make the most lifelike replicas of human beings. It has a life glow to it. It sticks to you. We have these strange, ancient connections and relationships with wax. How odd is it that the body produces all these substances from all these holes!” laughs this stoutly down-to-earth singer, songwriter and guitarist.


Tunstall’s had big hit songs that evolved her earlier in her career, and those songs are powerful pieces and certainly a testament to her songwriting and performance strengths to be sure. Now is the time to see who and what she is TODAY–a rockin’ lady leading a musical and social charge who still commands a significant following here in the U.S. and a bigger one worldwide. We Love Her!

Listen: KT Tunstall – “Human Being”

KT Tunstall – “Human Being”

KT Tunstall Tour Dates

KT Tunstall Tour Dates

KT Tunstall


5/08  El Club – Detroit, MI

5/10  Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH

5/11  Union Stage – Washington, DC

5/12  Iron Works – Buffalo, NY

5/17  World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA

5/18  The Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY

5/19  The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA

Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets

Be Content

Following up their intro track “Hi”, Kent, England’s Indoor Pets swoop in for the kill with the Instant sounding New Single “Being Strange,” and upon announcement of their upcoming album “Be Content” (out 3/8/19)!


Familiar feelings of not fitting in or wanting to play the hand life’s dealt you delivered with self-deprecating wit and Indoor Pets’ frontman Jamie Glass’ trademark use of double-bluffing world play. Think Rivers Cuomo and a pre-sandpit Brian Wilson blowing off school to play records and snigger at the cool kids. Indoor Pets’ music is smart, life-affirming and all contained within a thumping primary-coloured pop wallop.


“I feel like a black sheep a lot of the time,” notes Glass of his approach to writing songs. “The logic I had with songwriting was if I could reveal that in my songs and connect with other people who felt like that, then that will cure the feeling of being a black sheep. Everyone would be like ‘I’m a black sheep too! There’s thousands of us, we’re all loners!’ It nullifies the feeling of being a weirdo. Basically I’m just waiting for everyone to justify me being weird.”


“Shining power pop melody and raucous indie punk”—Clash


“a burst of fuzzed-out guitar riffs combined with soaring pop sensibilities”—DIY


“The quartet deliver a giddy, memorable brand of power pop”—NOISEY/Vice


“Indoor Pets pull out all the stops ensuring they pack in as many catchy hooks and jangly guitar riffs into the song as possible….a self-deprecating blast of refreshingly good fun on their exhilarating new offering”—The Line Of Best Fit

Listen: Indoor Pets – “Being Strange” (radio edit)

Indoor Pets – “Being Strange” (radio edit)




Drunk On Halloween

Having just wrapped performances at Austin City Limits, and just Ahead of a Voodoo Festival appearance in the week to come, it has been an Incredible year for Wallows, and they’re not finished yet as the fellas swoop in to celebrate the spooky season with you with this New Unveil of “Drunk On Halloween”!


Wallows’ “morning-after ballad for last night’s Halloween party,” according to Flood Magazine, mixes “soothing acoustic guitar against a grandiose horn section, all soundtracking a harmony of post-party maturity harkening back to late-period Walkmen.”

Listen: Wallows – “Drunk On Halloween”

Wallows – “Drunk On Halloween”