Girl and Girl

Call A Doctor

Australian group Girl and Girl release their debut full-length, Call A Doctor,” out now! The album is the full-length follow-up to the band’s 2023 digital release “Divorce +,” an eight-track EP that featured the standout singles “All I See” and “Dance Now.”


“Call A Doctor” is an unforgettable first bow from Girl and Girl, an audacious and aggressively tuneful blast of a record from this Australian four-piece garage rock outfit. It features frontperson Kai James and his Aunty Liss on drums, longtime friends Jayden Williams on guitar, and Fraser Bell on bass. Call A Doctor was recorded at Sundowner Sound in Melbourne, a two-story industrial complex where the band ate, slept, and made music in marathon sessions for two weeks straight with producer Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin).


 “‘Hello’ is the story of a young man who requires daily consults with health professionals in order to rationalise his self-destructive thoughts and routines. It’s about romanticizing your own misery. Letting those deep, dark, dirty thoughts take over. Understanding that even if you could pull yourself out, you wouldn’t because the constant stress and worry are all too familiar and comfortable.” -Kai James/Girl and Girl

Listen: Girl and Girl – “Hello”

Girl and Girl – “Hello”