The Chemical Brothers

For That Beautiful Feeling

The Chemical Brothers’ brand new “Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)” premiered just Monday on Apple Music 1’s The Zane Lowe Show, and reunites the Six-Time Grammy Award-winning duo with the equally legendary Beck for the first time since 2015’s massive “Wide Open!” The new single is the propulsively perfect union of celestial melody, warped noise, country-soulful vox, and relentless rhythm and we couldn’t be more elated to bring it to you!


The Chemical Brothers are six-time Grammy Award winners, and the impending new album “For That Beautiful Feeling” (out 9/8) finds them once again at the top of their game.


The legendary pair have also just announced a career-spanning retrospective book, Paused In Cosmic Reflection (out 10/26), which will be preceded by a new video and remixes for the new single “Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)” next month!

Listen: The Chemical Brothers – “Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)” (single edit)

The Chemical Brothers – “Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)” (single edit)