Royel Otis

Pratts & Pain

As Royel Otis continue their Sold Out headline tour of the U.S. (more dates Now scheduled for Fall-check our Tour page!), and Of Course on top of that ever-building Top 10 Hit at Alternative Radio in “Murder On The Dancefloor,” there’s Now A Pair Of Bonus Tracks they’ve pulled the cover off of from their debut album “PRATTS & PAIN!”


“Claw Foot” the band say is about “Facing the obstacles head-on and trying not to procrastinate. Not giving into your wishes,” AND “Merry Mary Marry Me” when “Everyone around you is settling down with their lives and you’re feeling like you’re falling so far behind it’s out of reach.”

Listen: Royel Otis – “Murder On The Dancefloor”

Royel Otis – “Murder On The Dancefloor”