Melanin Punk

Having wrapped a historic 2023 for the band, and the long-running Alt Radio powerhouse’s ‘Pointfest’ already on the books to kick off summer in St. Louis (more shows TBA!), New York City’s pioneers of the modern genre-blending revolution Oxymorrons return! It’s a full on, joyous banger too, in the memorable and bittersweet new single “Moon Chasers” — an undeniable heart on the sleeve bit of nostalgia, that’ll hang around your brain long after you’ve given it your first ears!


Oxymorrons relentless exploration of new sonic territories while staying true to their rebellious spirit and unapologetic authenticity has garnered them a dedicated and rapidly growing global fan base.


Their new album “Melanin Punk” personifies the community they are curating, as the concept derives from melanin as a unifying force transcending mere skin tone. The band is built on the ethos of inclusivity and embracing the beautiful complexities of human existence. Through their music and performances, they aspire to create positive change, break down societal barriers, and inspire unity among diverse communities.


“Gen Z find themselves much less hung up on the strict boundaries between genres…’Melanin Punk’ is the strongest fusion of punk rock and hip-hop I have ever heard. If that sounds like a bold statement, it’s because it is.” — New Noise


“Oxymorons have the city’s multilingual street chatter running through their veins…the audacious marriage of swaggering hip-hop and nostalgic pop-punk—bringing metalheads, rap fan, and pop-punkers all into the same mosh pit”— Alternative Press (‘Rising Artists You Need To Know’)


“hybrids owe much to the the turn-of-the-millennium period when rapped lyrics, arena-ready hooks and ferocious beats were fast friends, with the addition of elements borrowed from contemporary trap and electronic music.” — Washington Post

Listen: Oxymorrons – “Moon Chasers” (clean edit)

Oxymorrons – “Moon Chasers” (clean edit)