Melanin Punk

Having recently wrapped a supporting slot on Corey Taylor’s big solo tour, NYC’s genre-defying Oxymorrons have not only embarked on their own headlining tour (see tours page), but pulled the cover off of a powerful new single “Look Alive (Netic),” from their forthcoming debut album “Melanin Punk” (out 10/20)!


Consequence calls Oxymorrons “a savvy amalgamation of hip hop and heavy alt-rock” and AfroPunk’s says they’re “unstoppable.” However You hear them, they’re Undeniably Authentic, and living so within All the sonic spaces they exist in.


“’Look Alive’ is the perfect sonic representation of our unique blend of Rock and Hip-Hop. It hits hard, exudes energy, and lives authentically in both spaces. With swaggy, unapologetic vibes, it simultaneously uplifts while delivering a powerful message: ‘Hard Times Get Better.’ Stay focused, Stay Active, and Push Forward, always Look Alive.” – Oxymorrons


“Oxymorrons have the city’s multilingual street chatter running through their veins…the audacious marriage of swaggering hip-hop and nostalgic pop-punk—bringing metalheads, rap fan, and pop-punkers all into the same mosh pit”— Alternative Press (‘Rising Artists You Need To Know’)


“Look Alive (Netic)” is testament to Oxymorrons‘ undeniable talent and unwavering commitment to breaking barriers and defying expectations.


The new single also pays tribute to a fallen member of their chosen family, with Oxymorrons sharing, “for those who wonder what (Netic) is – Netic Rebel, a founding member of the band Game Rebellion, was an integral part of the AfroPunk movement, playing a vital role in building the festival’s legendary legacy. More than just a musician, he was a guiding force, a brother, and a mentor to all who knew him, leaving an indelible mark on the universe. Without Netic, there would be no Oxymorrons, as he not only inspired but also empowered POC bands to remain authentic and true to themselves.”


Oxymorrons relentless exploration of new sonic territories while staying true to their rebellious spirit and unapologetic authenticity has garnered them a dedicated and rapidly growing global fan base.


“Melanin Punk” personifies the community they are curating, as the concept derives from melanin as a unifying force transcending mere skin tone. The band is built on the ethos of inclusivity and embracing the beautiful complexities of human existence. Through their music and performances, they aspire to create positive change, break down societal barriers, and inspire unity among diverse communities.

Listen: Oxymorrons – “Look Alive” (clean edit)

Oxymorrons – “Look Alive” (clean edit)