“I Won’t Sell My Soul” (radio edit)

Australian rapper and songwriter Zheani (say it: “ZHON-ee”) makes uncompromised art. Her raps are raw, Real and unfiltered, her photos are censored by social media, and her music videos are performance art pieces that push both limits and buttons. She is staunchly DIY with a punk-rock mentality to her approach of art and music, and We Simply Couldn’t Be More Excited to introduce her to you first by her empowered new single “I Won’t Sell My Soul”!


Zheani emerged into the internet limelight from a small country town in Australia. Hailing from a rough background of foster care and poverty her ambitions stand in stark contrast to her upbringing. Her dark past echoes in her music but is transformed into a sigil of strength and perseverance.


Through the internet, Zheani found a core strength in her fans and supporters. The response and support for the Aussie songwriter/rapper is resonating overwhelmingly and empowering and encouraging more people to step forward and tell their stories.


Zheani has been back in the studio working on new music along with exploring other avenues of artistic expression.


+ YouTube — 800K + views in not even 2 months time


+ Apple Music New Alternative Releases feature


+ Triple J radio — added ‘Unearthed’ (Australia)

Listen: Zheani – “I Won’t Sell My Soul” (radio edit)

Zheani – “I Won’t Sell My Soul” (radio edit)