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White Lies


Fresh into the new year and White Lies are excited to share their new single And video for “Tokyo”, with not only the band’s new album “Five” just over the horizon (out 2/1), but news of a whistle-stop tour of North America as well (see tour button)! This triumphant synth-anthem encapsulates the trio’s unerring songwriting chops and acts as a perfect primer for the upcoming album.


As White Lies were working on their new album “Five,” they became aware that its release would coincide with the 10th Anniversary of their breakthrough debut, “To Lose My Life”. It seemed like the right time to close one circle and open another. Over ten years and four albums, the London trio have quietly become one of the UK’s most enduring bands, a cult group who’ve experienced both mainstream success and diehard fandom, a band who make bombastic, grandiose music about the complications and intimacy of day-to-day existence. It was time to kick off their second decade with a statement of intent.


Directed by long-time visual collaborator David Pablos, the “Tokyo” video was shot back to back with the band’s previously released “Believe It” video in Tijuana Mexico at the tail-end of last year and is a brilliant precursor to the band’s imminent album “Five”!


From first hearing “Tokyo,” director Pablos immediately knew what he wanted to create, as he explains: “As soon as I heard the song I knew I wanted to shoot the video during night time. Everything starts with us seeing scenes of life through windows from the outside, but once we go inside we discover nothing is exactly what it looks like or what it appears to be. Each window is a metaphor; more than a real space it is a representation of a mental state. But more than portraying the city, what was important was the human face and to capture the personalities of each one of the characters.”


White Lies explain: “Once again we were lucky to work with David in Tijuana to create what is our best video since ‘Death’. His unique knowledge of the area affording us access into some of the city’s most stunning and bizarre locations helps bring to life his vision of stories of love and loss. Where in the world would you be able to film a scene of the band sat on a 4-story high nude woman? Tijuana, that’s where apparently and resulted in our favourite collaboration with him yet.”

Listen: White Lies – “Tokyo” (radio edit)

White Lies – “Tokyo” (radio edit)