Two Feet


Two Feet

Momentum EP

Two Feet‘s hazy and low-key “Had Some Drinks” is as subtle as it is unshakeable. Guitar riffs provocatively stacked against a low-key electronic background underline Two Feet’s Harlem influences and helps realize his mantra that less can be more.


Since indie Majestic Casual Records debuted Two Feet‘s “First Steps” summer of 2016, the prior EP has garnered over 100 million listens across digital streaming platforms, creeping into major tastemaker playlists on Spotify, with lead track, “Go F*ck Yourself” sitting at over 24 million streams on Spotify, and hitting number 1 on the HypeMachine charts on a handful of occasions.


Now, 23 year old Harlem based singer/songwriter/producer Two Feet (aka Bill Dess) is set to return with his sophomore EP, “Momentum”, fusing jazz and blues guitar with forward thinking electronic production.


“I had been producing a lot of electronic music, so that was at the front of my mind, but I was listening to loads and loads of blues music, and I always had been – I learnt how to play blues guitar,” Dess explains. “So when I sat down to make my own music, all the influences were just sort of there…. and combined.”


“‘Had Some Drinks’ is a sweet, smooth and funky track….heavily laced with guitar and bass. The 23-year-old’s sultry vocals float into each cut, creating an infectious jazz and electronic-infused sound.”–Billboard

Listen: Two Feet – “Had Some Drinks” (clean radio edit)

Two Feet – “Had Some Drinks” (clean radio edit)