Sneaker Waves

Tristen‘s upcoming “Sneaker Waves” is full of songs that function like little portraits of the human experience framed with her exceptional melodies and singularly poetic lyrics.


“Sneaker Waves” finds the middle ground between the “pop hooks and pure inspiration” (NPR’s All Things Considered) of Tristen‘s debut and the intricacy of its follow-up. Her third album is smart but accessible, meticulously constructed but undeniably infectious.


Tristen‘s “Sneaker Waves” takes its name from a natural phenomenon–the sneaker wave, an unanticipated and powerful coastal wave–and serves as a metaphor for death. “All the good poetry is about death. Death, like a sneaker wave, can come at any moment. And so the truest currency for a human becomes time,” says the mononymous singer.


“Some artists are interested in being complicated. They’re speaking another language to the connoisseur of the art. I have no interest in that. I want to be inclusive. I’ve always been interested in the purest form of the idea, so that it can communicate.”–Tristen


“speaks to more weight than the song’s overall airy vibe suggests. Synths and guitars overlay the idea of being trapped and on display in something more like a prison than a home.”–Stereogum (on “Glass Jar”)

Listen: Tristen – “Glass Jar” feat. Jenny Lewis

Tristen – “Glass Jar” feat. Jenny Lewis