The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids


Super Jazzed to deliver First new music from The Get Up Kids’ first album in eight years (“Problems” is out 5/10!)—the seminal KC, MO band’s new single/video for “Satellite” opens on a stark arrangement of acoustic guitar and stripped-bare vocals, then Bursts Full On into a punchy, driving track revealing the time-bending quality of their songwriting in the process!


“I started writing ‘Satellite’ about my son who’s 14 and a total introvert—not antisocial, he just genuinely likes to keep to himself,” says The Get Up Kids guitarist/vocalist Matt Pryor. “But then somewhere down the line I started singing about myself—about how even when you’re playing a show to a room full of people, I can still feel anxious and isolated.” Director Kerstin Ebert explains, “The feeling of being isolated in a big city can be depressing. But instead of making this a sad story, I added a cardboard man named Hank to the storyline — a guy who lives like a normal human being amongst 8 million other people in New York City. Even though Hank’s adventurous ambitions as well as his facial expressions are very limited, he is the heart of the story and the biggest dreamer of all.”


“Problems,” The Get Up Kids‘ sixth studio album, was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Peter Katis, best known for his lasting work with The National and Interpol, and more recently Kurt Vile’s latest. Peter was an old friend of the band’s, dating back to when he was the assistant engineer on “On A Wire” (2002). The band wrote most of these songs during last year’sKicker” EP cycle, building on the band’s newfound mission statement of leaning into your strengths. The result is one of their most inspired albums to date, a true return to form and will go down as one of their finest efforts.


The Get Up Kids will be heading to Austin for SXSW next week for a couple showcases, and will be touring the US this summer with tour dates and more music to be announced in the coming month.

Listen: The Get Up Kids – “Satellite”

The Get Up Kids – “Satellite”