Smoke Fairies

Smoke Fairies

Darkness Brings The Wonders Home

Smoke Fairies’ newly released “Darkness Brings The Wonders Home” has already snagged BBC Radio 6’s Album Of The Day, and is on your radio desks now for play! The UK band travelled to Seattle to record their new album, and called upon legendary producer Phil Ek (Father John Misty, The Shins, The Black Angels) for an intimate and uncompromising month-long session.


“Someone said to me ‘I Never say goodbye in elevators and then the doors rolled shut and I whizzed off upwards. The exchange spurred this song -there is no way of knowing what is going on in someone else’s mind and sometimes it just feels like you’re kind of lost, like being in an elevator stuck between floors, trying to figure them out”Katherine Blamire/Smoke Fairies (on new single “Elevator”)


Jack White’s a longtime fan and advocate of Smoke Fairies, and not only signed them to Third Man Records for an earlier release, but had the duo join him onstage during his 2015 performance at the Grammy Awards.


Smoke Fairies are Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire who first met at school in the south of England. In the making of the upcoming “Darkness Brings The Wonders Home”, Smoke Fairies drew inspiration from mysteries both real and imagined: sea monsters, flocks of crows taking flight in extravagant formation, and strange creatures dwelling in the mud near their new South London abode.


“This is Smoke Fairies’ strongest, most urgent album to date” – MOJO ****


“Spellbinding” – Uncut 8/10


“A masterpiece” – Metro (UK) *****


“Deliciously dark and endlessly engaging” – The Sun (UK) ****1/2


“An album you can truly get lost in” – Clash 8/10


“Blamire and Davies don’t trade vocal duties so much as appear to sing from the same body, their voices nearly indistinguishable, shifting between smoky moans and toe-curling trills” – Pitchfork


“Smoke Fairies rely on intertwining…their two voices move in close harmonies, with timbres blending almost like sisters.” – New York Times


“Smoke Fairies are no strangers to magic… the English rockers have wielded those powers for their upcoming studio album, Darkness Brings the Wonders Home” – Consequence Of Sound

Listen: Smoke Fairies – “Elevator”

Smoke Fairies – “Elevator”