Royal Trux

Royal Trux

"Every Day Swan" (clean edit)

It’s the first New Material In 18 Years from Royal Trux! Their lengthy recording break has done Nothing to diminish their visceral intensity, and as they plan a new album in the new year we’ve A Pair for you to throw immediately down your earholes (Crank These!)–“Every Day Swan” & “Get Used To This” (feat. Kool Keith)!


Royal Trux find innovation in their ‘Bitches Brew’ aesthetic which now defines the standard mash-up approach so commonly ascertained and claimed by the majority of musicians that whether cognizant or not have followed in Trux’s very large footsteps: “everything in the pot whether you like it or not,” deriving from world music, punk rock, jazz, metal, electronic, southern, teeny-bop and all the rest. In the tradition of the blues, through appropriation and re-evaluation, Royal Trux changed the way we think of music. Their return is nothing short of glorious.


After signing with a major label for major money in 1995 (neither of the two had bank accounts, credit cards, or drivers licenses) Royal Trux were promoted as bad ass wild cards, dangerous, – and a few other themes deemed “cool” as marketing gimmicks –  that stuck as an indelible image that still follows them. Mostly because it was (mostly) all true. Brazenly redefining the rules for alternative rock bands with genre-defying music, and the genius of Neil Hagerty’s playing, they were fronted by a willfully non-archetypal female singer whose stance became its own archetype over the years, as the world caught on to the need for a new breed. Subsequently, a generation of females looked to Jennifer Herrema for inspiration, emulation and commodification. Their abrupt and lengthy absence came to a close in 2015 when they reformed for a string of shows.

Listen: Royal Trux – “Every Day Swan” (clean edit)

Royal Trux – “Every Day Swan” (clean edit)