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Relatives In Descent

Detroit post-punk four piece Protomartyr Are Back with “A Private Understanding”, the ‘opening statement’ off their fourth album (and first for new home Domino Records)!


“Relatives in Descent” offers new layers and new insights, without sanding any of the edges born from Protomartyr‘s days as a Detroit bar band. Ahee’s guitar still crackles and spits electricity. Casey’s voice continues to shift naturally between dead-eyed croon and fevered bark. Drummer Alex Leonard and bassist Scott Davidson remain sharp and propulsive, a rhythm section that’s as agile as it is adventurous. But this is also Protomartyr at their most impressive.


After months of rehearsal, Protomartyr decamped to Los Angeles, California for two weeks in March of 2017, to record at 64Sound in Highland Park. Co-produced and recorded with Sonny DiPerri (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors), who helped capture the band’s long-simmering vision for something more complex, but no less visceral.


“This is the narrative lane where Protomartyr thrive, where euphoric moments are bulldozed by unromantic demise….another Protomartyr song that rewards repeat listens–to sit with its poetry and tease out its generous hooks, possibly while Googling Elvis stories.”–Pitchfork


“No one captures existential dread quite like Protomartyr, and we currently find ourselves in an era rife with existential dread to be captured….a five-minute slow-simmer that captures Protomartyr at their most unsettling and their most accessible.”–Stereogum


“frontman Joe Casey’s brand of dour, erudite charisma has never been more engaging….well-timed rock and roll that tries to make sense of the ever-changing nature of the present”–NOISEY/Vice


“the dark, but driving lead single”–Consequence Of Sound


“Over an off-kilter drumbeat, bellower-in-chief Joe Casey gives a vision of America in 2017”–SPIN

Listen: Protomartyr – Don’t Go To Anacita

Protomartyr – Don’t Go To Anacita