Tiberius b


Original, unfiltered and radiating tenacity, Tiberius b (they/them) is a singer and producer adept at both emboldening audiences and offering them catharsis. “Big Deal” is the memorable first single to radio, stomping and strutting through some achingly catchy guitars, shaking of the debris of past heartbreaks, cockily leaning into the delirious and grand nature of a brand new love, and we couldn’t be More Thrilled to bring it to you first!


“What was most imperative to me was capturing us in and around the enchanted house where I made all the music, which has a rich and matriarchal history. My cousin Lydia and I are just being ourselves, expressing our inherent euphoria and playful, loving connection to one another. I feel very lucky to have been able to encapsulate so much of my family’s world into this project.” – Tiberius b (on the video for “Big Deal”)


Tiberius b‘s debut EP titled “Stains” is to be released on Mark Ronson’s Zelig Records, home to esteemed artist King Princess, and is a new and exciting chapter for the label.


“hyper-confident delivery and the sense of restlessness beneath the mix make the whole thing irresistible.” – The FADER 


“Their voice ranges from soulful sighs to rich dips in breath” – FLOOD


“digs deeper in the freeing sense of one’s awakening through each pulsing twist.” – American Songwriter

Listen: Tiberius b – “Big Deal” (radio edit)

Tiberius b – “Big Deal” (radio edit)