Fort Frances

Look At What Tomorrow Brought Us

Coming off a string of show placements across FOX, NBC, and CW, Fort Frances’ newly released “Look At What Tomorrow Brought Us” is “a beacon of optimism amid a storm of global worries” (Chicago Tribune). Following last quarter’s Top 10 Single at SubModern “Seven Days Straight” comes the new single “Parentheses.” Perfectly apropos to the New Year just entered, it’s a memorable sing-a-long, urging our leaning into living in the moment.


“Parentheses is a song about focusing on the moment you’re living in — not the moment you’re missing or the moment you’re waiting for. The past few years have been a reminder that what’s ahead and what’s behind simply don’t matter at all. As we emerge from this weird period in our lives, I’m trying to keep that truth at the center of my mind.” – David McMillin (Fort Frances)


When you press play on Fort Frances’ “Look At What Tomorrow Brought Us,” you will hear David McMillin and Aaron Kiser having the time of their lives. Spending the past 10 years creating music about fears that the universe is teetering on the edge of doomsday, even if that’s true, the band figures we all may as well just enjoy it all while we can.


On the new album Fort Frances leans into the thinking that if you look for the problems in the world, you will find them. But if you look for the things that are worth smiling about, you will find those too — it just takes a bit more work.


Tomorrow is here. And it brought so many reasons to smile.

Listen: Fort Frances – “Parentheses”

Fort Frances – “Parentheses”