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Foreign Air

Good Morning Stranger

Duo Foreign Air are ready to get inside of your minds. While they may very well deliver as Billboard gushed, “Transcendent Indie-Rock-Meets-Electronica with a penchant for forceful guitars and haunting vocals,” in “The Apartment” they’ve simply produced a dead in the pocket new song to radio Sure to move the proverbial needle forward!


The band’s own words sum up this instant new single Better than we ever could:


“’The Apartment’ is a break up song. It’s about coming to terms with a relationship that is no longer working with someone you have built a life with over time. The record collection you’ve accumulated, the furniture that you purchased, and the friendships you have built together outside the relationship are all split in half. This a very strange and difficult time however you know deep down inside that parting ways will ultimately ‘better for us both’. ‘The Apartment’ deals with those exact feelings as well as the emotional chaos that comes with it which is represented musically by the heavy synth in the chorus and decision to leave the end of the song instrumental. Once the relationship is over and you moved on, there isn’t much left to say except for you replay memories over and over in your head much like a movie. We felt that it was important to deliberately create that moment. To give the listener a chance to reflect on their own experiences and memories they may have once shared with someone close to them.” – FOREIGN AIR


Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael call themselves Foreign Air and are a different breed from all other acts out there. Their entire catalogue of music the duo have created together, from their first song “Free Animal” all the way through to these most recent tracks they’ve been releasing throughout 2020 so far, have been streamed over 110 million times on Spotify and Apple. The music has soundtracked global advertising campaigns for Samsung, Nike, Vodafone, Microsoft and many other brands in addition to television features on Netflix, Showtime, ABC, TNT, Vice, CW and Fox.

Listen: Foreign Air – “The Apartment”

Foreign Air – “The Apartment”