The Blossom

"Sports Car"

Sydney born, now LA-based THE BLOSSOM reveals their latest habit-forming anthem in “Sports Car” —somehow simultaneously gutsy And gentle, Lily Lizotte writes their songs where the dark intertwines with humor and playfulness, with a perspective that’s almost an abstraction of raw emotion itself.


“Sports Car is the energy of my project in full effect. Lamenting the past, present and future…I’m in perpetual dreaming. Boisterous while swerving out of the hell-ish turmoil I’ve been slugging through. Chaotic good. My burning youth, head in the clouds and stretching out my growing pains to grab something bigger. I build small homes and carve out spaces in my mind for pain, insecurities and all my fears.” – THE BLOSSOM 


Having Already nabbed a ‘Alt Pick Of The Week’ and a Triple J Radio ‘Unearthed Artist Of The Week,’  THE BLOSSOM, née Lily Lizotte, covers a full emotional spectrum on their 97 BLOSSOM EP with insecurity, gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, and growing pains all woven into the fabric of the songs. Their songs are mostly about how they feel about their feelings, a perspective that’s almost an abstraction of the raw emotion itself. It’s a reflection of their personality – one where darker elements are intertwined with humor and playfulness – and it makes for an incisive debut that melds together the distinct, exciting worlds that inspired them to start this journey originally.


“dives into the depths of their emotional experience, dealing with gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, insecurities, and more, tracing a chaotic collage of the young adult experience.” – Under The Radar 


“THE BLOSSOM, released the 97 EP this spring that took on gender fluidity and ’90s nostalgia in the same breath, and along those same lines, Lizotte loves to mix super masculine signifiers with their take on high-femme lightness.” – UPROXX 


“showing off unique songwriting and a deep bag of references….THE BLOSSOM’s vulnerability and singularity is precisely what has awarded them such a dedicated fan base and placed them amidst a community of like-minded artists” – Hypebeast

Listen: The Blossom – “Sports Car”

The Blossom – “Sports Car”