Homes At Night


Homes at Night create Alt Anthems that blur boundaries between genre and generation. “Sugardreaming” is the new reveal, which duo Hank Compton and Aksel Coe recount as “a song that invokes the intimate and soft spoken side of our band; the tension between current love and nostalgia of a fantasy.” We simply call it Another Gem from the Nashville band’s forthcoming debut EP!


“’Sugardreaming’ is the third song we’ve released as a band. We were a day away from tracking our upcoming EP with JT Daly (K. Flay, Grandson, PVRIS, AWOLNATION, Tom Morello) and felt like we were missing a piece of the record.  We decided to use the day before to write a new song without setting an expectation and we ended up with ‘Sugardreaming.’” – Homes At Night


Created during the global pandemic that brought both songwriters Hank Compton and Aksel Coe’s schedules to a halt, Homes at Night began as a series of pressure-free recording sessions in the latter’s basement. They felt free to indulge their musical whims about dying relationships, new beginnings, and catharsis, bouncing between bombastic anthems and hushed, Elliot Smith-worthy indie pop.


The pair turned the uncertainty of the modern moment — a time when Hank and Aksel found themselves homebound, unable to make a living as touring musicians — into a new kind of stability. It’s music for the heart and the head, created by two songwriters who bring their own palette to the grey area between genres.

Listen: Homes At Night – “Sugardreaming”

Homes At Night – “Sugardreaming”