Indiana’s Hoops have unveiled their new single “Fall Back” as they announce their triumphant return and sophomore album “Halo” (out 10/2). Defined by musical exuberance, full of gratitude and generosity, the addictive upcoming album simply sounds like a lively conversation amongst close friends.


Bloomington, Indiana’s Hoops released their critically-acclaimed debut album “Routines” in 2017, and, soon after, announced an indefinite hiatus. The trio – friends, singers, and multi-instrumentalists Drew Auscherman, Kevin Krauter and Keagan Beresford – had been making music together for almost half of their lives, but the band had begun to feel more like a burden than an outlet, so they decided to call it quits. “I think we had lost a lot of steam,” explains Krauter. “Hoops wasn’t moving forward organically. It was being dragged along.” Following a short but necessary break, during which the band had the opportunity to explore their own creative endeavors, Hoops Are Back and have announced their incredible sophomore album.


To celebrate their album announcement, Hoops share “Halo”’s lead single “Fall Back.”—the  first song the band has ever written Together. Auscherman had started the new single about a long-distance relationship, but he fleshed it out with Krauter and Beresford, who added jangly guitars, a buoyant rhythm section, and a swooning chorus: “Fall back in my arms again, just the way it should have always been.” Like many songs on “Halo,” it wasn’t written specifically about his bandmates but nevertheless addresses similar emotions about their musical partnership.


Hoops had to self-destruct in order to survive. Following the release of “Routines,” the band had reached a point where years of hard work and creativity were just starting to pay off. They were hailed as one of the most inventive young bands around, with comparisons to Guided by Voices, My Bloody Valentine, Real Estate and DIIV, and that’s exactly when they broke up the band.


“This record is a more honest representation of our influences and interests as musicians,” says Auscherman. “We’ve grown a lot in four years, as people and as listeners. We’re starting to sound more like ourselves.”

Listen: Hoops – “Fall Back” (radio edit)

Hoops – “Fall Back” (radio edit)