Magdalena Bay

Mercurial World

“You Lose!” is “a pristine distillation of all Magdalena Bay does best, adventurous and accessible all in one…’You Lose!’ sticks that landing.” (Rolling Stone) The LA duo has engineered a rich visual world surrounding their praised debut album, so we urge you downward as well for the accompanying visuals for this single!


“The dramatic ‘You Lose!’ is about trying to be a musician and feeling like time for success is always running out. It’s definitely melodramatic, describing ourselves as aging and nearing death, but sometimes it really feels that way.” – Magdalena Bay


Few artists are at once artful and savvy enough to transcend the endless scroll, but LA-based indie-pop duo Magdalena Bay have used social platforms to dispatch their music, and what you might call their philosophy, in hypnotic, ephemeral bursts. A long trip through their feeds produces music videos in miniature, irreverent pontifications on the state of the music industry delivered via home video VHS aesthetics, and existential meditations on everything from International Women’s Day to the clone craze of the early aughts to the indefinite lifespan of plants.


Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin met over a decade ago at an after-school music program in their hometown of Miami, where they bonded over a shared love of Genesis and King Crimson, eventually starting a prog-rock band together that lasted until they moved away to college. The two reconnected after freshman year and decided to continue their teen rock project, this time in a radically new form that would come to be Magdalena Bay. “We started discovering all of this experimental pop music that pushed the boundaries of what ‘pop’ really means,” Lewin says.


Words like “anxiety” and “paranoia” come up regularly when Magdalena Bay describe their debut, but the production is beyond confident. Tracks flit between genre trappings with the ease of a band who reject the need to present any one way.


On “Mercurial World,” Magdalena Bay offer the listener a prismatic experience, one that is built on a desire to simply believe in something beyond the finitude of our lives. Approaching reality as a construct allows Magdalena Bay to enact their own, one that is committed to nothing but expanding the possible.



#1 Top New Artist Albums AND Alt New Artists, #18 Heatseakers Albums – Billboard


“easily the best, most lustrous, most carefully considered music they’ve made” – The New Yorker


“poolside pop with seductive charm…sultry grooves and wraithlike vocals alongside a mix of sweetness and distortion”- The Guardian


“Despite their candy-coated costuming, Magdalena Bay’s music has a chewy center…adept at laying out the anxieties and paranoia that define their generation” – Stereogum (‘Best New Bands Of 2021’)


“ offers the space for the two to sink their teeth into the ideas touched upon the in their previous projects, with a newfound vigor that only a global crisis could incite – PASTE (‘Albums We’re Most Excited About’)


“a sound that’s more polished and widescreen than a lot of modern underground pop” – TheFADER


“a keen knock for a world where temporality’s been smashed by the internet, Magdalena Bay are picking up the shards, creating new songs, new worlds, new puzzles out of the pieces” – Rolling Stone


“the temporal boundaries of pop music shift and blur…a propulsive funk bassline and a startlingly detailed glittering climax.” – Under The Radar (on “Secrets”)


“a masterclass in crafting pop music bursting at the seams with ideas, but also simple enough to claw its way to your pleasure centers almost instantly” – FLOOD Magazine (“Secrets”- #9 Best Songs Of 2021)

Listen: Magdalena Bay – “You Lose!”

Magdalena Bay – “You Lose!”