Homes At Night

If You Were A Stranger

Homes at Night’s newly revealed single “Wasted On You” comes from the Nashville-based duo’s debut EP ‘If You Were A Stranger’, and the band’s latest Alt Anthem centers on filling the void of missing someone you love with substance.


“Wasted on You is a song that we wrote with JT Daly and Sad Penny. The inspiration of the song came from spending time away from who I was dating at the time. The whole idea of “wish I was wasted on you” came from me being tired of spending my nights in bars and not with them.” – Hank Compton/Homes at Night


“This EP feels more like the mark of an era in our lives instead of just a batch of songs we wrote,” says Homes at Night. “The whole thing was made in the midst of massive changes in both of our worlds ranging from relationships dissolving to moving out of places that made an imprint on us, and on top of that we were in the heat of a pandemic. Reflecting on the creation of it feels like a fever dream, but a very nostalgic one to say the least.”


The band continues, “It was like the whole world was falling apart but having this to work on created so many incredible memories. Creating this felt confessional, like it was our own little world that we could hide in but looking back it was probably getting these thoughts and emotions on paper that helped us heal and move on.”


Homes at Night —made up of songwriters Hank Compton and Aksel Coe — create alt/rock anthems that blur the boundaries between genre and generation. It’s a sound that’s both nostalgic and modern, layered with organic instruments, synth-driven soundscapes, cinematic hooks, and a percussive pulse. On their debut EP ‘If You Were A Stranger’, the bandmates blend their sensibilities with story-driven songcraft, nodding to their Nashville roots while simultaneously pushing far beyond them.

Listen: Homes At Night – “Wasted On You”

Homes At Night – “Wasted On You”