“Beautiful Desperation”

Nashville trio Goldpark’s hopeful and reflective sound is a perfect way to start the new year, and it’s the propulsive and immediate “Beautiful Desperation” from these up and comers we’re excited to hit the ground with in 2021!


“You can live on a high and then come down into self-doubt. There’s an internal battle with those feelings. A lot of my songs look at two sides of a coin.”—Wes James/Goldpark


Ironically for a band focused on live collaboration, the pandemic prevented Goldpark from playing live shows and testing out their new songs on the road. Undeterred, the Nashville trio spent the first half of 2020 writing before heading into the studio in August to lay down tracks. The songs draw their inspiration from the visual landscape of the desert, a place lead singer Wes James has often returned to in his travels. The vast scope of a barren desert plays into the music, reflecting a tension between beauty and desolation that also pervades James’ thoughtful lyrics.


“There’s so much tension in every moment,” James notes. “Nothing is ever one way. I love when a song has conflict and resolution, where it brings you from feeling hopeless or sad to a feeling of optimism or peace. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Life is like that. Some days you’re feeling great and other days are not that way. It’s a transparent way of writing. I’m not trying to pretend one is more dominant than the other. Most of the time both feelings exist in a single moment.”


“We quickly realized we needed to be especially intentional with how this record was going to sound,” guitarist Andrew Smith says. “It would have been easy, because of social distancing and remote sessions, for this record to sound like it was made solely with a computer. In a time when human interaction was scarce, we aimed to make songs that sounded like humans playing music together. These songs are a pillar of hope, like the light at the end of this tunnel.”


“Our goal is to be able to write songs about things that touch people,” Smith says. “The world is hard and a lot of bad things happen, so we want to offer a different perspective and try to give people some hope. Yes, life can be painful, but there’s also a lot of beauty and a lot of beautiful people and a lot of love.”

Listen: Goldpark – “Beautiful Desperation”

Goldpark – “Beautiful Desperation”