Drug Store Romeos

The World Within Our Bedrooms

British trio Drug Store Romeos’ “intricate and intoxicating indie rock” (TheFADER) and are one of the coolest new bands we’ve heard in ages, and a dreamy, hazy oasis in a sea of loud, demanding nonsense. Their addictive new habit-former “Secret Plan” is pulled from the newly released “The World Within Our Bedrooms.”


“‘Secret Plan’ was partly inspired by the surrealist quote “bathed everyday reality in magic light”, and we wanted it to feel personal yet transportative. In my own life I try as hard as I can to see the magic in mundanity. Although it sounds cheesy, making the effort to remind yourself of the chaotic, absurd, beautiful layers of life can really help to keep things interesting” – Drug Store Romeos


“Given the transcendent atmosphere they conjure tonight via spiralling singles like ‘Secret Plan,’ climbing the steps to Drug Store Romeos’ show almost feels like ascending Jacob’s ladder into the realm of the heavens.” – NME


“soft-spoken delivery is utterly enchanting throughout, joined by laid-back, twinkling keys and the hum of a steady bassline, making it a listen that’s bound to pull you in and cradle you to sleep if you let it.” – Brooklyn Vegan


“Drug Store Romeos, a.k.a. British teens Charlie, Jonny, and Sarah, craft intricate and intoxicating indie rock soundscapes that belie their tender years.” The FADER


A web of spectral dream pop wonder… the trio’s propensity for cosmic, beguilingly escapist melodies remains an unshakeable draw” -The Line Of Best Fit


Recorded at London’s Eastcote Studios with regular producer George Murphy, Drug Store Romeos’ “The World Within Our Bedrooms” is a testament to youth and adventure; an escape from mundanity and proof that art will always open a door for those looking to escape. The band explain: “The album is a journey of emotions and colour schemes. A lot of bands have a consistent emotion across their whole album but we wanted to reflect the ever changing nature of someone’s mental state over a period of time. We always wanted to create our own world, and as a three we have this force field around us.”

Listen: Drug Store Romeos – “Secret Plan”

Drug Store Romeos – “Secret Plan”