Songhoy Blues

Songhoy Blues


Acclaimed West African band Songhoy Blues have returned to unveil a More than Timely new single! The optimistic “Worry” (produced by Matt Sweeney–Run The Jewels, Stephen Malkmus) comes from the celebrated Malian group who felt a need to share an inspiring song of hope, strength and vigilance during these uncertain times.


“The harshness of life still weighs on our societies and sinks many young people into a dead end,” says the band in a unified statement. “’Worry’ is a positive energy that Songhoy Blues want to be a ray of hope for humanity. ‘Worry’ is about not stopping fighting because at the very end you will find the light.” 


Songhoy Blues were determined to release “Worry” during these tumultuous times because the message it sends is both relevant and universal, and a beacon of hope to people struggling everywhere. It is also their first song entirely in English, but propelled by the Malian polyrhythms and potent blues riffs that set them apart from all other bands. On beat with the current times, the track is the first glimpse of their rockier, harder, hopeful third album, which will be a determined treatise for a better life.


Songhoy Blues has created a distinctive sound by blending Malian cross-rhythms with Western influences such as rock and punk alongside a uniquely virtuosic guitar style. These all come together on ‘Worry” with concept Don’t worry / You’re gonna be happy / Keep fighting today / That smile will come one day, sung as an empowering mantra. This feeling permeates the music of Songhoy Blues and is a glimpse of what’s to come as the band’s sound continues to evolve. They are finishing up their anticipated third album with producer/guitarist Matt Sweeney (Run The Jewels, Stephen Malkmus) to be released later this year.


Songhoy Blues understands first-hand what it means to stand up in the face of adversity and remain steadfast and positive in the fight. The group formed 10 years ago as refugees from the north of their homeland forced to head south during a series of events that included an al-Qaeda infiltration, imposed sharia law, civil war and a ban on music. The group has come a long way in their long, unremitting struggle, but their unwavering will shall not be deterred.

Listen: Songhoy Blues – “Worry”

Songhoy Blues – “Worry”