“Don’t Ever Give Up”

Thriving in dichotomies, Seattle singer/multi-instrumentalist J GRGRY delivers a refreshing gem of positivity and inspiration on the new single “Don’t Ever Give Up”—a memorable, sing-along anthem of hope and determination.


On stage, J GRGRY is the epitome of energy, charging out with indie pop as vibrant as the makeup he’s donned on tastemaking KEXP and opening for The Killers and The Lumineers. Underneath the surface, his songs unpack a coming-of-age being openly gay in an ultra-religious environment, turning to alcoholism, and climbing out on a path of self-acceptance and love. Still, in the face of such a viscerally honest lyricism, there’s never an uplifting hook too far away in a J GRGRY song.


The latest single ahead of an anticipated debut album coming later in 2020, “Don’t Ever Give Up” was written in the wake of a soured partnership with his producer that forced him to financially restart, and came together at a friend’s home as a brief illness set in.


“I banged out the entire song, lyrics, melodies, and rhythms in less than 30 minutes before I collapsed in bed for the rest of the day, I had to go to the hospital the next day [because] I had pneumonia in both lungs. This song was a beacon of light for me through some really hard days… I feel like it came to me from a future self that knew I needed these words and melodies somehow.” — J GRGRY

Listen: J GRGRY – “Don’t Ever Give Up

J GRGRY – “Don’t Ever Give Up”