Ocean Alley

Low Altitude Living

Australia’s beloved psychedelic surf rock outfit Ocean Alley have not only announced their upcoming fourth album “Low Altitude Living” is coming 10/14, but a new share off it in “Home,” alongside word of their return to the U.S. for a West Coast tour (check the tour page-earlier this year they sold out nearly every show of their Midwest & East Coast leg, so get your needs in to us Now!).


Opening the forthcoming “Low Altitude Living” (out 10/14) with a feeling of warmth and familiarity, “Home” is soaked with bright tones and subtly adorned with twinkling keys. The song is a product of the band’s opportunity to slow down in 2020, with space to reconnect with themselves and the environment around them.


Guitarist Mitch Galbraith explains, “We’ve felt more connected than ever to the people and places that are around us at home. Normally, we’d be spending most of our year away on tour, but we felt very lucky to spend the last two years with the people we love.”


While the six-piece could have rinsed & repeated the styles and sounds of their previous full-lengths – the ARIA Award-nominated Lonely Diamond (2020), their ARIA Gold-certified breakthrough Chiaroscuro (2018) and self-assured debut Lost Tropics (2016) – “Low Altitude Living,” sees Ocean Alley construct their broadest ranging sonic framework yet. As suggested by the diverse feels of previous singles “Deepest Darkness” and “Touch Back Down,” the band cohesively honors the traditional features of their distinct sound while equally giving it a refreshing and exciting new edge. Mitch shares, “It’s no secret that we don’t want to repeat ourselves…there’s a constant sense of betterment, growth and exploration.”


2022 has seen Ocean Alley perform 62 shows around the world with a run of international headline dates and a U.S. fall tour dead ahead, but as frontman Baden Donegal explains, “Low altitude, being by the beach is where we all have the most peace. So naming the album Low Altitude Living made a lot of sense. The title of the album doesn’t necessarily represent any one song in particular, or tie them all together. But it does tie our band to the music. I feel like it’s more of a title that describes why we sound like Ocean Alley.”

Listen: Ocean Alley – “Home”

Ocean Alley – “Home”