Spacey Jane

Here Comes Everybody

Spacey Jane’s “Hardlight” follows not only a #1 Album in Australia (35mil+ streams on Spotify alone), but Both a #1 Single for “Lunchtime” AND a #1 Album At SubModern Report new music specialty shows nationwide! Don’t Miss The Aussies Live during their Quickly Selling Out North American Tour starting next month (check that tour page!).


“I wrote this song about how I was feeling like my life was a bit like one of those nightmares where you’re at school with no pants except I used the metaphor of being on set and forgetting all of your lines (because it felt less silly). I guess it’s about anxiety but also just having no idea what I’m doing even though I want it to look like I really do.” – Caleb Harper/Spacey Jane


“a relaxed and resilient ride through the minutiae of everyday life, and maybe that’s exactly what we need.” – Rolling Stone


“Not many bands currently on the circuit have put as much energy into their performance as Spacey Jane do. Their sets are electric and infectious; even if you don’t know a song, you’re moving by the time it’s finished.”- NME


“One of the standout strengths of Spacey Jane is their live show. It’s utterly infectious. They play like they’re having a blast on stage and it means the crowd does too. Their energy and passion might only be bettered by that of their fans… screaming back the lyrics of every song.”- TRIPLE J 


Taken from the working title of Wilco’s seminal album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (one of the bands’ favourite albums), Spacey Jane’s newly released “Here Comes Everybody” sounds and feels like an album that has truly been lived in. Every note is imbued with hard-earned wisdom now being passed down to a new generation. “I want it to be a guide to the experiences that are coming for those entering the period of life I’m leaving,” frontman Caleb Harper says of the new album’s aims.


“Our first record discussed personal experiences of mine and it was a blessing to see how many people related to those stories,” Harper adds, but wants album two to be “for youth persevering and thriving emotionally under the weight of our generational burden.”


The beginning of Spacey Jane’s astonishing success arrived when the band released debut album “Sunlight” in 2020. Universal adulation followed for the band – vocalist and guitarist Caleb Harper, bassist Peppa Lane, guitarist Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu and drummer and manager Kieran Lama. The album debuted at #2 on the ARIA album chart, was voted Album of the Year in the triple j Listener’s Poll, was nominated for a J Award for Album of the Year and is now certified Gold. The sleeper single-turned-megahit, “Booster Seat” picked up Song Of The Year at the 2021 ARIA’s, the AIR Awards Best Independent Song Of The Year and is certified platinum.

Listen: Spacey Jane – “Hardlight”

Spacey Jane – “Hardlight”