Self Esteem

Prioritise Pleasure

Self Esteem’s forthcoming second album is “Prioritise Pleasure” (out 10/22) and the New Single & Video for the Title Track pulls apart and inspects the mantra running through the core of the album, unpacking unapologetically tending to your own needs, confronting your flaws and dealing with the ways you’ve been wronged.


The song is a wide screen mantra, remembering to put myself first and in turn making myself a better, more present person. My journey to accept myself is far from over, but over the last few years some of the age old simple shit has started to finally kick in. Love yourself, be in the moment, put your needs first – that all used to feel so abstract and impossible but with a bit of will power (and writing a tonne of songs about it), I finally not only see the benefits but am actively enjoying them. – Rebecca Taylor (AKA Self Esteem)


Did You Catch Her Engaging Performance on Later…with Jools Holland for the acclaimed last single “I Do This All The Time”?!


As Self Esteem, Rebecca Taylor has shaken off the shackles of her indie band past to become the unapologetic star she always wanted to be.


Breaking a personal cycle of trauma-suppression on the forthcoming “Prioritise Pleasure” Taylor says, starts with laying out instances of her personal experience – self-doubt, heartbreak, sexual assault, the urge to compare – and realising that one stands out as something that truly can’t be justified as part and parcel of life.


With her statement debut “Compliments Please”–championed by The Guardian UK, Drowned In Sound and Most of millennial Twitter –Self Esteem gave voice to the feelings of insecurity and misogyny-induced frustration that many face every day, emboldening a whole new audience with powerful, truth-telling lyricism that speaks to her love of rhythmic noughties pop and RnB. This Fall, the follow-up “Prioritise Pleasure” is set to do the same, shedding light on important issues around female autonomy, comparison culture and more, but always with an inimitable knack for relatable self-deprecation and snappy dressing, using her time on stage to create an immersive space of both catharsis and celebration.


As Self Esteem, Taylor proves that we can all grow from what we go through, but that life is far too short not to embrace yourself in your most honest of forms – no apologies necessary.

Listen: Self Esteem – “Prioritise Pleasure” (clean radio edit)

Self Esteem – “Prioritise Pleasure” (clean radio edit)