You'll Be Forgiven

Following A Pair of fave singles of SubModern specialty shows, including the #1 “Bones (God Like You),” and the #2 “I’m Spent,” upon recent release of their new EP “You’ll Be Forgiven,” Toronto duo Housewife have revealed the habit-forming “You’re Not The Worst,” which came out of the gate Fast this week to nab #1s on Both Single AND Album charts this week!


“This song is one of the more direct and honest songs we’ve written. It’s about undervaluing yourself and allowing people who are overbearing and arrogant to affect you emotionally. Why am I spending time with someone who doesn’t respect me or my time? Then finally working up the courage to cut them out of your life when you’ve had enough.” – Housewife


At 19 and 20 years old, Housewife are quite simply the future. Brighid Fry (she/they) and Pascale Padilla (they/she) are queer and allies, activists and co-founders of the climate initiative Music Declares Emergency and while to be sure their Twitter sums ‘em up concisely as “Opinionated feminist indie band,” We say they they epitomize one of our favorite discoveries this year!


Though Housewife began with folksier roots, their newest music showcases the friends’ experiences living and writing through the end of high school and the pandemic, as well as navigating the life changes that come with growing up. Their joy pervades though, even as Fry says, “we’re figuring out relationships and where we stand in the world.”


“Housewife have been perfecting the type of indie that is at once ’90s inspired and intensely modern, the type that comes across as both expertly crafted and seemingly effortless. …it’s not surprising that ‘You’re Not The Worst’ so perfectly strikes this indie balance. Bouncy, infectious, and honest, the Toronto-based duo have made yet another case for why they’re an act to watch.” Consequence Of Sound

Listen: Housewife – “You’re Not The Worst” (clean edit)

Housewife – “You’re Not The Worst” (clean edit)