Royel Otis

“Kool Aid”

Hot on the heels of the Australian duo’s sophomore EP, Sydney’s Royel Otis are back with more “smartly crafted pop” (TheFADER) in the new song “Kool Aid”! A sweet slice of genre-blending indie, the new single brings together dance-leaning electronics with jangling guitars, and of course the pair’s knack for an overarching pop melody.


“’Kool Aid’ is a slice of the moment after years of being smitten by the coolest girl on the street. She’s a little older and has all the rumors about her but for some reason she is entertained by you and wants to teach you new tricks. Although she walks all over you it gives you a new strut and lifts your street cred in the neighborhood.” – Royel Otis


Childhood friends and now songwriting dream team Royel Otis (aka Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell) released their debut EP, “Campus,” last year leaning into the band’s organic, nostalgic sound, bringing a swooning psychedelic edge to proceedings for extra-added blissfulness. With the dream pop flow fully nailed, the band wanted to get a little looser, a little edgier. That’s just what they did on the latest EP, “Bar n Grill,” which saw them swapping synths for guitars and making everything that much grittier, while still showcasing their knack for an exceptional pop melody and a killer catchy chorus.

Listen: Royel Otis – “Kool Aid”

Royel Otis – “Kool Aid”