Pei is the long awaited solo project by Joji Malani. Pei (pronounced “pay”) is a Fijian word for baby, and debut single “Honest” hums with a warm, mesmerizing, and matured confidence from the former and founding member of Gang Of Youths, and speaks of finding one’s own place in the world.


“It’s hard to be honest about what we’re going through and how much it affects us. It’s not even the big stuff. Losing a job or the end of a relationship can destabilize us in ways we don’t expect and sometimes we’re too embarrassed to admit it and subdue the feeling. But it manifests itself in other areas of your life and you can turn to things and become unrecognizable to those around you all for the sake of filling that void. I had two friends who were going through hardship but couldn’t be upfront with how it was affecting them. It was painful to watch them struggle and turn to things that you hadn’t seen them do before. We have all been there and this song is about relating to being in that spot and being real with each other. Because that’s a big part of friendship.” – Pei


Pei is a homecoming, a returning to the roots and to the ground from where Joji Malani came from. A founding member of Gang Of Youths, Malani returned to Sydney from London, following his departure from the group in 2019. After almost a decade of writing in studios and touring the world, he nestled up inside of the home studio of close friend and longtime collaborator, Tim Fitz (Middle Kids), to bring Pei to life.


Throughout the Pei project, Malani draws from his identity as a Fijian-Australian, gracefully weaving contemporary indie, pop and rock influences within memories of Fiji and overtures to Fijian culture. Representing one of Malani’s initial forays into songwriting as a solo venture, it’s fitting that “Honest” should now introduce the wider world to Pei.

Listen: PEI – “Honest” (radio edit)

PEI – “Honest” (radio edit)