Flock Of Dimes

Head Of Roses

Flock Of Dimes (aka Jenn Wasner)’s “Two” is the new single and video from the stunning new album “Head Of Roses”, and on Wasner’s second solo album she showcases her ability to embrace new levels of vulnerability, honesty and openness, combined with the self-assuredness that comes with a decade-plus career as a standout songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and prolific collaborator.


“’Two’ is about trying to find a kind of balance between independence and interdependence, and the multitudes within ourselves. It’s about trying to reconcile the desire to maintain a sense of personal autonomy and freedom with the need to connect deeply with others. And it’s about struggling to feel at home in a body, and learning how to accept that the projection of self that you show to others will always be incomplete.” –Jenn Wasner (aka Flock Of Dimes)


Simply put, on her second full-length record “Head of Roses,” Flock Of Dimes (aka Jenn Wasner) has delivered a record about heartbreak, but from a dualistic perspective. It’s about the experience of having one’s heart broken and breaking someone else’s heart at the same time. But beyond that, it’s about having to reconcile the experience of one’s own pain with the understanding that it’s impossible to go through life without being the source of great pain for someone else.


“makes room for the multiplicity of Wasner’s artistic voice. None of the singles sound anything alike — not the springy, off-kilter pop of ‘Two’ nor the slow-burning, psych-rock of ‘Price of Blue’ — and none of them quite prepare the listener for the gorgeously subdued second half of the album, which features several of the most stirring ballads Wasner has ever recorded. The common element holding all of these disparate parts together is her luminous, jewel-toned voice.” —New York Times 


“Wasner brings the guitar-centered indie rock of early Wye Oak alongside textural layers and deep synth bass reminiscent of Sylvan Esso; the electro-pop shine of her previous Flock of Dimes work alongside the bass- and synth-fueled sound that defined Wye Oak’s later music; and something new.” — Pitchfork 


“feels like an emotional journey where every new feeling, moment of rest, and sonic surprise is hard-won.” — PASTE


“encompasses a whole galaxy of observations and sonic structures…worth getting lost in.”— The Independent (UK)


“it makes room for seething yet matured rock songs like “Price Of Blue” alongside strange yet infectious pop songs like “Two.” There are moments of transportive, dreamlike melodies. But along the way she does lean into a comparatively stripped-down approach, singing over guitar or piano with only a few accompaniments or embellishments.” —Stereogum

Listen: Flock Of Dimes – “Two”

Flock Of Dimes – “Two”