Forrest Isn’t Dead

The End Of Everything

Forrest Isn’t Dead hails from Atlanta, and following a rapidly building streaming presence across all platforms, the ambitious, and above all habit-forming first single “Born or Made,” is a fascinatingly theatrical and driving bit of indie and his first outing to radio (wafts at times perhaps of M83, Thompson Twins, and still others in our collective musical psyche I can’t quite put my finger on—who do You hear?!).


“This song is one of my favorites because of the crisp energy that immediately draws you in upon first listen. And I think everyone can take something away from the lyrics of this one. We drew a lot of inspiration from the first Halloween movie for the music video. We wanted to go for a gorilla style horror flick while still letting the deeper message shine through” – Forrest Isn’t Dead


Of his full-length debut collection, Forrest Isn’t Dead reveals “If I didn’t do music, I don’t think I would still be here right now. I’ve experienced many traumas in my life, and I’ve found myself on the other side. There’s nothing in life you can’t get through. I want my music to feel like a sanctuary for you. My message is, ‘Even in your lowest point, I’m here for you’.”


Known for his introspective and candid lyrics, Forrest Isn’t Dead pours out the stories of his life experiences and hardships through his unique and thought-provoking music. Growing up with a single mother and limited resources, the Atlanta-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist found early inspiration as a child in music and skateboarding, which played a major role in developing his feelings about life and love. Forrest later dove head-first into writing original music, learning to play drums, guitar, piano, and, of course, singing in addition to honing his production skills. 


Since debuting in 2019, Forrest Isn’t Dead has garnered 400K+ total streams across DSPs and over 660K+ total YouTube views in addition to support from Alternative Press (as a New Artist You Need To Hear), MTV (Spankin’ New), and Substream Magazine, among others, for his original music and we’re so very excited for you to hear him for your next radio show!

Listen: Forrest Isn’t Dead – “Born or Made”

Forrest Isn’t Dead – “Born or Made”