King Tuff

Smalltown Stardust

King Tuff shares “Tell Me” the third single from his new album, “Smalltown Stardust”, and this pop gem features backing vocals from the album’s co-writer and co-producer SASAMI, perfectly encapsulating Kyle Thomas’ knack for melody and songwriting prowess.


Almost every song in the world is about love, yet somehow there’s still not enough love songs,” says Thomas. “And if you took all the love songs in the world and added them to all the love songs that haven’t been written yet, well, there still wouldn’t be enough. There’s always room for more love and there’s always room for more love songs. Love is an endless well, you can do love songs about people, nature, passion, frustration, animals, joy, madness. Most of my songs are love songs, and I like it that way. But I’m still not satisfied! I want more! I want more love! And I want you to have more love! So here’s ‘Tell Me,’ a love song.


“Smalltown Stardust,” is “an album about love and nature and youth” Thomas explains. It’s a spiritual, tender and ultimately joyous record that might come as a shock to those with only a passing knowledge of the artist’s back catalog, as evidenced by the album’s new single “Tell Me.” On “Smalltown Stardust,” Thomas takes us on his journey to a place where past and present collide, where he can be a dreamer in love with all that he sees. Images of his youth abound.

Listen: King Tuff – “Tell Me”

King Tuff – “Tell Me”