State Champs

Kings Of The New Age

State Champs’ glorious new “Everybody But You” is a contagiously relatable, mosh-worthy anthem on pulling out of a toxic relationship, and is snagged from their forthcoming 4th studio album “Kings Of The New Age” (out 5/13).


“Lyrically, ‘Everybody But You’ reflects on the back and forth of an overly toxic relationship, and after all that exhaustion, what better way to move on from someone than throwing a massive party with your friends? We also were heavily involved with the creative side of the music video treatment and direction in which we had a lot of fun portraying the concept and message of the song (and partying.)” – State Champs


State Champs has always embraced the idea of getting their music in front of as many people as possible. They aren’t running away from the sound they’ve established; if anything, it’s that scrappy punk spirit that drives them to continue to reach further and further. They’ve done pop arena tours, metal tours; they’ve even played a show on a beach. Wherever they turn up, they are going to be sincere and passionate. They are going to have fun, and so will you.

Listen: State Champs – “Everybody But You” (clean edit)

State Champs – “Everybody But You” (clean edit)