Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea

Not Only has indie dynamo Windser (neé Jordan Topf) released his highly anticipated EP “Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea,” but shares that he’s signed to Bright Antenna Records (home to Sports Team, Wilderado, Fana Hues)! The newly unveiled “Paris” off the new EP continues the theme of longing for something far away, but this time it’s a person, rather the past.


“I am thrilled to be signing with the Bright Antenna Records family.  I can already tell they’ll be handling my records with love and care, and continuing to nurture my creativity as an artist/songwriter/producer. This project began in the Bay Area so there is no question that signing to a Bay Area label was fate.” – Windser


“Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea” is a stunning collection of breezy tracks imbued with the well-worn indie rock tenderness and beguiling songwriting for which Topf and producer Jackson Phillips are best-known. Windser effortlessly captures the sound of his California roots with his coastal sound yet despite the carefree sonic world he’s created, there’s an immediacy woven throughout the threads of each track. The EP is a gorgeous sonic representation of both the heavy and light moments one endures and Windser’s captivating storytelling is evident throughout. Topf finds bleary-eyed beauty in joyful memories and painful loss, in the littlest experiences and the life-altering events.


Adds Topf on the EP, “It was 2020 when I returned to Northern California to recount the past times and make a record that reflected the nostalgia of my early life. You can hear the reverberations of the waves against the cliffs, the darkness in the redwoods, and the fading feeling of youth. When I was a kid growing up in Santa Cruz, my dad used to romanticize where we lived. The fog that rolls in every morning through the woods and across the glowing pacific ocean. It was a sleepy, haunting, trippy little beach town which he often described as ‘Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea.’ The memories and echoes of my past never left me.”

Listen: Windser – “Friends I Barely Know”

Windser – “Friends I Barely Know”