Audacy’s ALTERNATIVE Pick Of The Week!


Windser is the solo moniker of Santa Cruz, California born singer-songwriter Jordan Topf. After retreating to a house in the rural Northern California mountains in early 2020, he emerged from isolation with songs that reflected the deep emotions and growth one experiences in moments of change. The songs are introspective with gentle acoustic guitars, ethereal layers of vocals, and modern rhythms to paint an emotionally vulnerable picture.


On October 29th, 2021, Macklemore released his comeback single “Next Year” featuring Windser.  Macklemore said, “I love Windser’s voice and energy on this song. He originally just cut a reference demo, but Ryan and I both loved him on this record from the jump. He killed it, and his performance perfectly fits the message of the song. I must say, he’s a talented and humble guy, and I’m excited for more people to get to know him.”


“’Memory’ is a song inspired by a string of nostalgia revolving around the formative experiences I had growing up in Santa Cruz, California. ‘Memory’ is my outlook on how youth shapes us forever. For me personally writing this song was a way to appreciate the past, embrace where I am at in life, and learning to be more in the moment. I co-wrote it with my good friend Jackson of Day Wave, whose production I’ve always loved.” — Windser

Listen: Windser – “Memory”

Windser – “Memory”