Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea

Indie dynamo Windser returns with his next reveal off his forthcoming debut EP “Where The Redwoods Meet The Sea” (out 10/12), and it’s the haunting new “Capsize,” upon which he muses about navigating life’s lows and picking yourself back up. This third offering from the impending release follows not only his two prior singles currently in rotation at SiriusXM’s ALT Nation, but the release of his recent and highly-received collaboration with Macklemore, “Maniac” (#2 most added at Top 40 out of the gate, and with spins across 21 countries).


“‘Capsize’ to me is about hitting lows you didn’t think were humanly possible. Feeling like there’s no way out and you can’t fathom coming back from that low point. But also in the back of your mind knowing there is hope even through those moments of uncertainty.” – Windser


The verdant forests and cresting waves of Windser‘s (Jordan Topf) childhood in Santa Cruz, CA, have always lingered in the back of his mind, even as he traveled the world with a variety of bands and writing and producing for other artists. So when he decided to utilize the isolation of the pandemic to launch a solo project, Topf tapped into that vibrant memory.


“Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea” (out 10/12) effortlessly captures the sound of his California roots with his breezy, coastal sound yet despite the carefree sonic world he’s created, there’s an immediacy woven throughout the threads of Windser’s music.


It’s the sort of sound that made Windser the perfect opener on recent tours with Portugal. The Man, alt-J, and Cannons. Befitting the nostalgic tone of the EP, Topf draws energy from his parents and the California music on which he was raised.


Throughout, Topf finds bleary-eyed beauty in joyful memories and painful loss, in the littlest experiences and the life-altering events. “My parents were old hippies,” he laughs. “My dad played the guitar and my mom is a jazz piano player. My dad passed away when I was 22, so getting to play his guitar on this EP was an incredible way to honor him.”

Listen: Windser – “Capsize”

Windser – “Capsize”