Post Animal

Post Animal

Forward Motion Godyssey

Chicago pop-proggers Post Animal Are Back! Sharing their first new song since 2018’s critically acclaimed “When I Think Of You In A Castle.”  “Safe or Not” takes the band’s signature kaleidoscopic, guitar-heavy sound in a radiant, dance-ready direction and hints at more surprising sonic exploration to come.


“We wanted to leave the content more open ended for the listener to navigate, but it’s about self reflection,” ​Post Animal explains. “We played around with more somber, serious lyrical content over a particularly dance-oriented song to juxtapose how one may feel internally versus how they’re outwardly portraying themselves in the moment.”


Post Animal​ will open for C​age The Elephant​ in the UK/EU early next year.

Listen: Post Animal – “Safe or Not”

Post Animal – “Safe or Not”