Post Animal

Post Animal

Forward Motion Godyssey

Chicagoans Post Animal are heading overseas to open some UK/EU dates for Cage The Elephant, and just before release of their stunner sophomore album “Forward Motion Godyssey” (2/14)


Post Animal released their critically acclaimed self-written, performed and produced debut album “When I Think Of You In A Castle” in 2018. Written in eight days in the majestic Big Sky, Montana and co-produced by the band’s Dalton Allison and collaborator Adam Thein, “Forward Motion Godyssey” finds the band endlessly shapeshifting as they explore new sonic touchstones and expand on their psych-rock origins.


“Making this record, we wanted to go extreme in a lot of different directions—we wanted to be as poppy as we’ve ever been, as over-the-top as we’ve ever been, as grandiose and heavy and dramatic as we’ve ever been,” says drummer Wesley Toledo.


Now a five-piece (co-founder Joe Keery has since taken a key role on Stranger Things and left the lineup, though he continues to collaborate with his former bandmates in various side projects as time permits), Post Animal is deeply rooted in brotherhood, dating back to a near-lifelong friendship between Allison and Matt Williams. The band’s profound closeness is evident across the entire record, from their undeniable musical chemistry and their most emotionally revealing lyrics yet, making this a gracefully complex and cohesive record which rewards with every listen.


“This Chicago six-piece plays heavy, proggy psychedelic rock with just the right amount of power-pop sugar to sweeten the mix…impressive skill for crafting memorable melodic baubles.” – Pitchfork


“Though the lyrics are intentionally obscure, the expansive and rugged terrain [on ‘Fitness’] clearly spills into the song’s boundless adventure and breathless pace.” – Billboard


“moving effortlessly through a series of effervescent passages full of sugary hooks and guitar breaks.” – Stereogum


“Post Animal is for real” – PASTE


“This Chicago-based throwback-psych troupe write actual real-life songs…Their scuzzy, flannel-wearing, day-drunk aesthetic isn’t there to throw you off the scent—these are weed-addled rock songs reconstructed from dad’s record collection.” – VICE


“the next great band to come out of Chicago – wild, electrifying and, seemingly, indestructible” – NME

Listen: Post Animal – “Safe or Not”

Post Animal – “Safe or Not”