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POP ETC hits the ground running with the sparkling and evocative “Fingerprints”, which is the first reveal in the band’s “Infinite Singles Collection” (a new music series delivering new releases in batches of one or two songs every four to six weeks)!!


POP ETC is Chris Chu, Jon Chu and Julian Harmon. The band has released two full-length albums, including 2012’s self-titled debut, and 2016’s “Souvenir”.


“‘Fingerprints’ was one of those songs that came out quickly. I had been thinking a lot about the effect that all the people I’ve met over the years have had on my life. Trying to trace the different threads and series of events. It’s really amazing to think about. Even those people you meet once, or the ones that come into your life for a couple of months and then disappear. There’s no telling who will come into your life and alter its course forever.”–Chris Chu (POP ETC’s lead singer)


“…[POP ETC] climbs back to indie-pop’s top rung.”–SPIN


“It’s just that cool.”–WIRED

Listen: POP ETC – “Fingerprints”

POP ETC – “Fingerprints”