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Pierce Fulton

Borrowed Lives

Los Angeles-via-Vermont’s Pierce Fulton‘s playful first single (and video!) to radio, the immediately uplifting earworm title track off the “Borrowed Lives” EP, is a sweet reminder (And Above All Else a catchy one!) to always enjoy the scenery and never take life too seriously. A blissful accompaniment as we morph into Springtime.


Like many respected producers from the early wave of electronic music, Pierce Fulton‘s sound has evolved from electro and progressive to something nearly unrecognizable and infinitely more mature. The “Borrowed Lives” EP, puts himself out there as an artist in ways he never has before. Live instrumentation, his own vocals and finely tuned engineering work together to create one of the biggest blasts of fresh air we’ve heard in ages (and Wait until you see the imaginative and accompanying video!).


Raised in Vermont and a prodigious musical talent from early on, from the age of six Fulton quickly learned how to play a wide range of instruments for family and friends. A defining feature of his sound and vision his interest in taking concepts from one instrument or genre and applying it to a vastly different instrument or style.


On top of these already-developed abilities, Fulton also formally learned music theory and electronic production as he grew up. He dove deeply into the works of pioneers like Kraftwerk and Apex Twin and released his sonically unconventional deubt EP at the tender age of 18.
“This collection of songs really means a lot to me because it’s the first time that I’m signing, writing, producing and I’m really doing everything that goes into one body of work. And for the first time, I have music that really feels like my own.”–Pierce Fulton

Listen: Pierce Fulton – “Borrowed Lives” feat. NVDES (radio edit)

Pierce Fulton – “Borrowed Lives” feat. NVDES (radio edit)