Strange Peace

Toronto’s METZ Are Back to rattle us awake with their highly-anticipated third album “Strange Peace”–an emphatic but artful hammer swing to the status quo recorded live off the floor to tape with mastermind Steve Albini!!!


Alex Edkins (guitar, vocals), Hayden Menzies (drums), and Chris Slorach (bass) recorded at Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago and the result is a distinct artistic maturation for METZ who move into new and alarming territory, frantically pushing past where the band has gone before, while capturing the notorious intensity of their live show. The trio continued to assemble the album (including home recordings, additional instrumentation) back at home in Toronto, adding the finishing touches with longtime collaborator, engineer and mixer, Graham Walsh.


“The songs on ‘Strange Peace‘ are about uncertainty,” Edkins explains. “They’re about recognizing that we’re not always in control of our own fate, and about admitting our mistakes and fears. They’re about finding some semblance of peace within the chaos.”


“a bruiser that, in the tradition of so many of Albini recordings, lets the Toronto band work through their feelings with baseball bats. The lyrics paint a picture of utter defeat, yet somehow none of that dejection carries through Metz’s performance, which is defiant as anything the band’s put to tape.”–Pitchfork


“an absolute ass-stomper of a new single…big and juicy and punishing, just like every METZ track, but it’s also a bit more melodic and structured than most of the band’s work.”–Stereogum


“a hard-hitting number that combines their affections for noise-addled with sweaty rock ‘n’ roll.”–Consequence Of Sound

Listen: METZ – “Mess Of Wires”

METZ – “Mess Of Wires”