Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman

Any Human Friend

Displaying an unapologetic attitude and a more liberated sound than ever before, Marika Hackman reveals “the one”—the second single from her album “Any Human Friend”. Co-produced by David Wrench (The xx, Frank Ocean) and Hackman herself, layered synthesizers, Marika’s signature new wave guitar fretwork and Blondie-style delivery, make this the new album’s most unexpected musical turn.


The first song written for Any Human Friend, “the one” is “probably the poppiest song I’ve ever written” she says. “ I loved the idea of inhabiting this ridiculous arrogant rock star character who has totally fucked their career by writing too many sad songs.” To that end, it features a riot grrrl Greek chorus hurling such insults at her as “You’re such an attention whore!”


Marika Hackman is a ‘Rid of Me’-era PJ Harvey for the inclusive generation: unbounded by musical genre, a preternatural lyricist and tunesmith who isn’t afraid to go there. Hackman’s 2015 debut, “We Slept at Last,” was heralded for being nuanced and atmospheric. She really found her footing with her last release, “I’m Not Your Man,” and its exceptional, swaggering International hit “Boyfriend”, which boasts of seducing away a straight guy’s girlfriend.


“a blistery pop scorcher….’the one’ is strange, absurd and fun. Jagged guitars, webs of clipped harmonies and bright, pop-stained percussion bounce around as Hackman shouts bizarre lyrics into the ether: ‘You’re such an attention whore!'”–PASTE


“‘The One’ sounds like four or five different songs smashed into one, going from glowering sadsack to glitzy confidence with a snap.”—Stereogum

Listen: Marika Hackman – “blow”

Marika Hackman – “blow”