Marika Hackman


Marika Hackman

I'm Not Your Man

There’s an open-ended nature to Londoner Marika Hackman‘s “I’m Not Your Man”: the discussions within, conversations on femininity, sex and sexual identity, millennial ennui, the pressures of living in a social media bubble and the perils of being young in a fast-paced industry. Says Marika, “The record’s all about female relationships, romance and breakdowns, but there’s also a dim worldview going on. I’m Not Your Man can either mean, ‘I’m not your man, I’m your woman’, or it can mean, ‘I’m not a part of this…’,” explains Marika. It’s a fiery statement from a songwriter who no longer wants to be shackled to limiting descriptions.


To help channel this fervid energy, Marika recruited her best mates – London quartet The Big Moon to play as her backing band on “I’m Not Your Man”. “They really captured the soul of what it all meant to me and brought a lot of fun and creativity,” says Hackman. The unspoiled nature of the recording environment has thrown up a truly dynamic, multi-genre sound. It’s all tied together via razor sharp wit and authenticity.


“All rounded, chiming guitars, squealing string-bends and crunchy choruses—she’s witty, sardonic and coming to steal your lover just because she can.”–P4K (on “Boyfriend”)


“contains a variety of themes, including sexual identity, social media anxiety and the angst of youth.”–PASTE (on “Boyfriend”)


“Grungy dream-pop gloom” — The Guardian (UK)


“Lean, mean and really, really funny.”  — NME


“A muscular call to arms..” – CLASH

Listen: Marika Hackman – “Time’s Been Reckless” (radio edit)

Marika Hackman – “Time’s Been Reckless” (radio edit)