Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman

Any Human Friend

Displaying an unapologetic attitude and a more liberated sound than ever before, Marika Hackman reveals album standout “blow,”, containing one of the biggest hooks on the album, with it’s “thumping drums, a Strokesean guitar snarl, and a very Italians Do It Better synth part….it suits her coolly unimpressed alto” (Pitchfork).


“It’s that situation when people around you are getting really f*cked up in quite a self-destructive way. And it’s hard to be the person who points that out. So with biting your tongue it’s like, ‘I don’t really know how to say this,’ but I’ll put it in a song, haha! The whole song is kind of like, ‘I’m here, but maybe I’m engaging in this destructive behaviour because I’m not stepping in, but I will hold your hair back.’”—Marika Hackman on “blow”


Marika Hackman is a ‘Rid of Me’-era PJ Harvey for the inclusive generation: unbounded by musical genre, a preternatural lyricist and tunesmith who isn’t afraid to go there. Hackman’s 2015 debut, “We Slept at Last,” was heralded for being nuanced and atmospheric. She really found her footing with her last release, “I’m Not Your Man,” and its exceptional, swaggering International hit “Boyfriend”, which boasts of seducing away a straight guy’s girlfriend.


The newly released “Any Human Friend” is co-produced by David Wrench (The xx, Frank Ocean) and Hackman herself.

Listen: Marika Hackman – “blow”

Marika Hackman – “blow”