Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey

Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey

Showboat Honey

Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey’s lead single off the upcoming “Showboat Honey” (out 7/12) is “2 Ugly 4 NY” and the video below stars the bandleader as ‘Hobo Grimm’, a skeleton-faced busker.


Craft says in the video he was “aiming to snag that “day in the life” feel, following old Hobo Grim around downtown tryin’ to make the illusive busker’s dollar and then heading off into the night to blow it.”


“Showboat Honey” was recorded and produced by Kyle Craft, Kevin Clark, and Billy Slater at their own Moonbase Studios in Portland over 2018. The album was mixed by Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty) and mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering.

Listen: Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey – “2 Ugly 4 NY”

Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey – “2 Ugly 4 NY”