Kae Astra

Kae Astra


Kae Astra is an Armenian-American artist currently based in Austin, TX, intertwining 80’s nostalgia, haunting melodies, and a lush dream pop soundscape on her debut EP “Fortune” (out 11/1). The upcoming release is a collaboration between Astra and fellow Austin mainstays Walker Lukens and Curtis Roush (of Bright Light Social Hour) who produced the EP.


“’Medicate’ is my wrestling with the strange notion that we can be suddenly ‘fixed’ by one thing, be that a drug, a job, an achievement, etc. As a person, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and other difficult mental states—as have many of my friends and idols. Sadly, we are made to feel bad for going through these struggles, which generally just makes it worse…and makes us desperately search for ways to ‘fix’ it.”—Kae Astra


Kae Astra melds her history of music making with a newfound effervescent energy as frontwoman and lead songwriter for this project. The upcoming “Fortune” EP stirs listeners, emotionally and physically. The songs go deep spiritually and are undeniably danceable. You could hear them in the club, a yoga class, or while having a good cry—and be equally satisfied.


Astra says the overarching theme is “resilience”, mirroring both her personal journey and continued artistic pursuits. Expect to move and be moved.


RIYL: Beach House, Kate Bush, Lykke Li, Lana del Rey, Grimes

Listen: Kae Astra – “Medicate”

Kae Astra – “Medicate”