Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets

Be Content

Following up their intro track “Hi”, Kent, England’s Indoor Pets swoop in for the kill with the Instant sounding New Single “Being Strange,” and upon announcement of their upcoming album “Be Content” (out 3/8/19)!


Familiar feelings of not fitting in or wanting to play the hand life’s dealt you delivered with self-deprecating wit and Indoor Pets’ frontman Jamie Glass’ trademark use of double-bluffing world play. Think Rivers Cuomo and a pre-sandpit Brian Wilson blowing off school to play records and snigger at the cool kids. Indoor Pets’ music is smart, life-affirming and all contained within a thumping primary-coloured pop wallop.


“I feel like a black sheep a lot of the time,” notes Glass of his approach to writing songs. “The logic I had with songwriting was if I could reveal that in my songs and connect with other people who felt like that, then that will cure the feeling of being a black sheep. Everyone would be like ‘I’m a black sheep too! There’s thousands of us, we’re all loners!’ It nullifies the feeling of being a weirdo. Basically I’m just waiting for everyone to justify me being weird.”


“Shining power pop melody and raucous indie punk”—Clash


“a burst of fuzzed-out guitar riffs combined with soaring pop sensibilities”—DIY


“The quartet deliver a giddy, memorable brand of power pop”—NOISEY/Vice


“Indoor Pets pull out all the stops ensuring they pack in as many catchy hooks and jangly guitar riffs into the song as possible….a self-deprecating blast of refreshingly good fun on their exhilarating new offering”—The Line Of Best Fit

Listen: Indoor Pets – “Being Strange” (radio edit)

Indoor Pets – “Being Strange” (radio edit)