If Climbing

If Climbing

"The Good Parts"

IF CLIMBING, then what do you do? Tim Williams plans to answer just that with his new project, and which we’re Elated to unveil via the new single “The Good Parts”!


Tim has been around the musical block quite a few times with 6 full-length albums worth of songs credited solely to his name. (3 under Soft Swells, 3 under Tim Williams). From multiple national tours, to packed venues across the pond, Tim has been making a name for his songs that Nylon has called “refreshing” and Stereogum has called “Magical. ”


This all brings us back to IF CLIMBING, the songs of which have been inspired by the Brit-Pop bands he grew up obsessed with, Tim is reaching deeper than ever before, crafting emotive earworms that hook you with every verse, and sink you with every chorus.

Listen: If Climbing – “The Good Parts”

If Climbing – “The Good Parts”