Had It All (EP)

Trio Hembree are from Kansas, a state best known for not much worth talking about in a band bio, but also a beautiful place with cracks in its highly conservative foundation where creativity and ambition flourish. This is the Kansas Hembree are from. They come from families of musicians and music-shop owners, people who find the divisive politics of the state just as foreign, if more immediate, as their Coastal peers. And in the grand rock’n roll tradition Hembree are also family: Isaac Flynn (lead vocals, guitar) and Eric Davis (keyboards, synths) are brothers-in-law and high school buddies. Sadly, Garrett Childers (vocals, guitar) has to be content with the role of life-long friend and general bon vivant.


Over the last year and half the “Had It All” EP  was recorded in Kansas City, in Isaac’s bedroom and various home studios. Working with friends that the band love and respect, in places they live and work everyday, the convivial environment shines through on these recordings: you can hear their lives in these songs. The band continued their fruitful partnership with producer Eric Hillman and the Grammy-winning mixer Joe Visciano (The Kills, Jamie XX, and Beck).


Hembree‘s sound lays down smart, tightly constructed rock songs with stick-in-your-head hooks and soaring vocals and the upcoming “Had It All” EP gives birth to simply some of the Best sounding guitar music we’ve heard this year and showcases a sonic ambition and clarity of purpose that’s formidable!

Listen: Hembree – “Holy Water”

Hembree – “Holy Water”