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Milwaukee band GGOOLLDD‘s synth-n-guitars goodness washes over the listener abundantly on their new single “Secrets”a soaring banger that conjures wind-in-your-hair glittery romanticism while yielding the Catchiest of hooks, and we couldn’t be More excited to deliver it to you first!


GGOOLLDD isn’t like other bands. They formed on whim, decided to play their first show mostly as an excuse to host a killer party, and they eschew the traditional gotta-get-a-record-deal game in favor of playing a lot of shows and releasing their own material. That sense of whimsy blended with resolute autonomy is all part of the signature GGOOLLDD aesthetic. And it feeds into their sound, especially lately.


“I’m not going to lie, I’m great at writing a hook,” GGOOLLDD frontwoman Margaret Butler says, and is quick to point out that her bandmates are “amazing,” musicians. “But if you ask me what I do, I’m going to tell you that I’m a performer before I tell you that I’m a musician.” She pauses and cracks up. “Unless you don’t know me at all,” she continues. “Then I’m going to say I’m a musician, because if I say I’m a performer, you’re going to automatically think that I’m a stripper, which is totally ok too but not my current profession.”


GGOOLLDD‘s “Secrets,” their new single off the upcoming “Teeth” EP (out 12/1), is a soaring banger that conjures wind-in-your-hair glittery romanticism. Co-produced and mixed by Ben H. Allen (MIA, Animal Collective) it reflects that core tension in the band between winging it and great artistry.


“Ggoolldd knows how to craft earworms out of layered beats…steadily building up an impressive collection of synthpop that stands out thanks to impeccable production and catchy, danceable hooks.”–A/V Club


“Milwaukee, WI’s own GGOOLLDD are here to have a good time, and they plan on bringing it to ya with a heavy dose of electropop hooks.”–NYLON


“Fueling their imminent rise will indeed be this flawless body of work, as it features not a single blip in quality from track to track.”–Hilly Dilly

Listen: GGOOLLDD – “Secrets” (radio edit)

GGOOLLDD – “Secrets” (radio edit)