Foreign Air

Foreign Air

“Wake Me Up”

Coming off a successful, and in Most cases sold out headlining Spring tour, Brooklyn duo Foreign Air follow up their sun-soaked last single to radio  “Everything Is Good Now” with their Next reveal off their upcoming album, and in the unequivocal feel-good, drum-driven anthem that is “Wake Me Up.”


Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael are ready to get inside of your minds. The duo call themselves Foreign Air and are a different breed from all the other acts that are out there. The two currently split their time between New York (Clasen) and Washington DC (Michael) – initially establishing their friendship while playing in different bands.


“One night, I watched Jesse perform and I was really intrigued by his voice and some of the stuff he was doing. We kept in touch and got to know each other over the years. We became really good friends.” Jesse followed up by saying, “With Jacob, we played just one show and it went really well. We kept in contact with each other. Over the years, it just developed into a friendship. We shared music online through Dropbox. Whenever I was in D.C. playing with different bands, he would come and hang out. Whenever he was around my area we would go to shows together. Sleep on each other’s couches. This project just kind of happened.”


“Transcendent Indie-Rock-Meets-Electronica with a penchant for forceful guitars and haunting vocals.”—Billboard


+ Spins On SiriusXM’s ALT Nation

+ Spins On Beats 1 (Zane Lowe & Ebro)

+ Top Tier Apple Playlists (A-List Alt, Breaking Alt, Indie Anthems, 2.2Mil + streams)

+ Top Tier Spotify Playlists (Indie Pop, Feel-Good Indie Rock, Ultimate Indie, 1.2Mil + monthly listeners)

+ 146K Shazam Followers

+ 1.1Mil Pandora Spins

Listen: Foreign Air – “Wake Me Up”

Foreign Air – “Wake Me Up”