Day Wave

Day Wave


The critically acclaimed one-man indie band, Day Wave (aka Jackson Phillips) will release his new EP “Crush” on April 24th and also has revealed the second single/video “Potions.”


The new song showcases mesmerizing arrangements that have long been a trademark of the Day Wave sound, just as “Crush” will reveal a newfound vocal dynamism from Phillips, whose steady growth as a performer lends an understated weight to EP’s emotional soul searching.


Written and recorded after an extended break from the Day Wave world during which Phillips performed and recorded with Pete Yorn and Jai Wolf, the new collection finds Phillips reconnecting with his sonic roots as he grapples with questions of identity and purpose, fate and independence, memory and nostalgia.


The four songs are built on a structural simplicity that belies their considerable emotional depth, and the arrangements are lo-fi and dreamy to match, conveying a mesmerizing intimacy that hints at everything from Guided By Voices and New Order to The Smiths and Pavement. Phillips produced, mixed, and mastered the entire EP himself in his new homebase of Los Angeles, and the end result is a raw, unfiltered look in the mirror from an artist determined to share his evolution in all its beautiful, bittersweet truth.


“Crush” will be out on a limited 12” on Record Store Day on June 20th.

Listen: Day Wave – “Potions”

Day Wave – “Potions”