Ultimate Success Today

Protomartyr’s Back and have readied for us a new collection of their wonderfully bleak and philosophical apocalyptic rock! “Ultimate Success Today” is coming July 17th, co-produced with David Tolomei (Beach House, Dirty Projectors) and was recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios, a late 19th century church in Upstate New York.


There is a sting in the summer blossom of “Ultimate Success Today,” Protomartyr’s fifth album and second for Domino. Arriving after “Relatives In Descent,” the band’s headlong dive into the morass of American life in 2017, “Ultimate Success Today” is a fitting follow-up from the Detroit band.


Two Songs from the upcoming album have been unveiled to date in “Worm In Heaven” and “Processed By The Boys.”


“Fusing droning squalls of intensity to sparse wails of jagged guitar riffs, the group appears to be posing a singular proposition: Is it possible to soundtrack the end of the world in real time? The Detroit-born rockers have now completed their first decade as a band, but they sound more awake and anxious than ever.”—AV Club


“following a slinky guitar line while singer Joe Casey reflects about how close he is to heaven’s gates.”—Consequence Of Sound (“Worm”)


“restrained up until its final shuddering moments. Moody and meditative”—Stereogum (“Worm”)


“the classic wall-of-noise feel of a Protomartyr track” —PASTE (“Processed”)


“A post-punk stomper, the track vibrates with meditations from the guest performers’ reed instruments.”—Consequence Of Sound (“Processed”)


“the seismic first cut off the Detroit band’s fifth LP rattles with ‘cosmic grief beyond all comprehension’”—TheFADER (“Processed”)


“Casey once again casts his drunken-philosopher gaze on the world’s ills, back by a reverb-laden stomp that builds into the kind of cacophony this band does best.”—Stereogum (“Processed”)

Listen: Protomartyr – “Michigan Hammers”

Protomartyr – “Michigan Hammers”