Beach House

Beach House

Lemon Glow

It’s the triumphant return of Baltimore duo Beach House, and while we Do know they’ll be a new album in the Near Future, we’ve the blissful “Lemon Glow” to tide us over…..good things come to those who wait sometimes. It’s simply so Great to just have them back isn’t it?!


We’ll let you know more info As it becomes available.


“another entry in Beach House’s canon of makeout music; it’s a song about the thrill of intimacy, a breathless hymn to emotional connection.”—Pitchfork


“A little more foreboding than we’re used to from the beloved dream-pop pair, ‘Lemon Glow’ has a hint of the sinister about it, and that makes for a great new twist on their sound.”–NOISEY/Vice


“It’s packed full of synthesizers, and may well be Beach House’s most danceable track to date.”–NME


“continue their dream-pop escapades by layering vocalist Victoria Legrand’s lush synth instrumental with partner Alex Scally’s electric-slide guitar skills and heavy drums….Legrand’s smooth, wispy vocals move with the peaks and valleys of the production.”–PASTE


“a typically gauzy tune, featuring funky backbeat, warbling lead guitar, and washes of choral ambience.”—SPIN

Listen: Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

Beach House – “Lemon Glow”