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All We Are

Sunny Hills

Coming together as students at Liverpool’s Institute For Performing Arts in 2011, and remaining on the road honing their sound following up a self-titled release in 2015, All We Are started writing new material with a sense of urgency and power. Where “All We Are” was funky, liquid and seamless, “Sunny Hills” has a wobble to it, a human heartbeat and a grit that reflects the energy of the band’s thrilling live shows.


Though based in England, the trio hail individually from Norway, Brazil and Ireland and as they put it: “All We Are is a Liverpool band. We have been formed by and have absorbed the spirit of the city. Liverpool is an immigrant city and has a proud history of welcoming everyone, drawing from the culture of the people who choose to live here and making that part of its own unique vibe.”


It hasn’t escaped All We Are that the world seems to be spiraling into a period of darkness and through their music they want to say it’s okay to feel different. The resulting “Sunny Hills” is an irresistibly danceable, dark yet uplifting record about what it means to be alive right now and the power of friendship and togetherness in a world intent on driving us apart.


“another fascinating vignette from a very special group.”–Clash (on “Human”)


“‘Human’ sees All We Are veer into post-punk and krauty rhythms”–Line Of Best Fit

Listen: All We Are – “Human” (radio edit)

All We Are – “Human” (radio edit)