Ace Harper

ace harper

Ace Harper

Rally Girl

Ace Harper immediately commands attention–an electro- siren with fashion forward style, a razor sharp pen, and art rock ambition.


You could say Ace Harper‘s magnetism nods to the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Iggy Pop, but she wields a certain je ne sais quoi all her own–a seamless merging of music, dance, and visuals. As a result, Ace Harper‘s debut singles & videos “Neon Heart” and “Mouth Wide Open” bring a new rhythm to 21st century music. “It’s a mixture of a lot of different genres,” Ace says, noting that “There’s definitely a punk attitude, but there’s a new fresh electronic undercurrent. There’s no specific category. I want to invite everybody to the party.”


Ace continues that art “has always saved me” and underlines that her goal “is always to say something that I really care about and to love the song.” Art to her, is a multi-faceted experience: she’s a visual artist and loves fashion, and recently told Galore magazine that “I want my show to be a full experience from the songs, to the performance to the fashion. It all tells a story of who I am.”


Ace‘s journey began growing up in Oklahoma. As a child she studied ballet and then later was asked to travel the US assisting top choreographers. She traded the Midwest for Southern California and spent years as a professional dancer working with a myriad of musical legends. In the midst of everything, she constantly wrote songs and collected ideas, quietly assembling a sound of her own.


Ace Harper is Just getting started…

Listen: Ace Harper – “Neon Heart”

Ace Harper – “Neon Heart”