• Wallows


    Spring EP

    New music specialty radio shows Already made Wallows THE stand out exception to the rule last year when they took them #1 on the SubModern Airplay Chart AS An Unsigned Band (something you know Never happens!)! We’re excited now with the band snatched up by Atlantic Records to reveal the effortlessly cool New single “Pictures Of Girls” Just post-premier on SiriusXM ALT Nation’s ‘Advanced Placement’!


    Despite forming less than a year ago, Wallows members Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette and Cole Preston have been playing music together for nearly a decade. The connection is evident in their solid, high-energy live performances. Following a series of sold-out shows at LA’s The Roxy and Troubadour, Slim’s in San Francisco, Constellation Room in Santa Ana and Mercury Lounge in New York City, Wallows are currently on their first-ever headlining tour across the US with sold-out dates including LA’s famed El Rey Theatre and New York City’s iconic Bowery Ballroom.


    Wallows’ Atlantic Records debut is “Pictures of Girls,” the first single from their forthcoming Spring EP (out 4/6!) recorded with Grammy award-winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Future Islands, Alvvays). Wallows will play SXSW in March (see below tour dates leading up to the wrap in Austin).


    Wallows quickly became a band to watch with their tracks “Pleaser,” “Sun Tan,” “Uncomfortable” and “Pulling Leaves Off Trees.” Their sound, an amalgam 90s era alt-rock with a younger modern twist, has received critical attention from Zane Lowe on Beats1, Entertainment Weekly, NYLON, Alternative Press, Under The Radar, and Idolator, among others. Debut single “Pleaser” has amassed over 5 million collective streams, soared to #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart and has remained permanent fixture on KROQ’s Locals Only playlist, a collection of the best local music coming out of LA and OC.

    Listen: Wallows – “Pictures Of Girls”

    Wallows – “Pictures Of Girls”

  • Calpurnia


    City Boy

    Vancouver, Canada 4-piece Calpurnia has made the first reveal off their upcoming debut EP–it’s “City Boy”! Led by Finn Wolfhard, best known for his performances on the small screen in ‘Stranger Things’ and on the big in ‘It’, the band’s upcoming record is produced by Cadien Lake James of Twin Peaks and following up sold out shows in NYC and Toronto, will be announcing festival dates soon.


    Calpurnia‘s story is how teenage rock dreams are meant to unfold: four friends, all raised on a healthy diet of the Beatles, Nirvana and David Bowie, and a deep love for their respective instruments, retreat one day to a basement and begin jamming together. They cut their teeth on some cover songs and then, with just enough confidence and a dose of adolescent enthusiasm, they write and record their own tunes. And the results are nothing short of stunning.


    “It was kind of destined to be,” Finn Wolfhard says of the almost serendipitous genesis of the rough-and-tumble Vancouver-based indie-rock foursome he formed with three of his now-closest friends. “We all just really clicked. And when I’m passionate about something,” the singer-guitarist adds of Calpurnia, who this spring release their self-titled debut EP via Royal Mountain Records, “I like to get it done as quickly as I can. There’s not a lot of wasting time. I love just going for it. Go big or go home.”


    In addition to Wolfhard, Calpurnia includes lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe, a six-string prodigy whose bedroom-shredding viral videos have earned her legions of fans on social media, bassist Jack Anderson and drummer Malcolm Craig. They alll grew up within walking distance of one another. But it took Wolfhard – best known as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors thanks to his role as Mike Wheeler on Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’ – meeting Craig on the set of Canadian punk rockers PUP’s ‘Guilt Trip’ music video for things to finally spring into motion.


    In short order, the pair met Tesler-Mabe at a music summer camp, and she quickly introduced them to Anderson, her close childhood friend and bassist. “And as soon as we started rehearsing it was just insane,” Anderson says of the quartet’s instant personal and musical chemistry. “It was kind of unbelievable. Like a gift.” Once they played their first official gig together, it was a done deal. “We had all the adrenaline we needed,” Craig says. Where they’d previously played cover songs, “after the response we got,” Craig notes, “we were like, ‘Let’s record some of our own music!'”


    “Finn Wolfhard’s band Calpurnia is the real deal, in case you were wondering”—NME


    “The breezy song features a catchy guitar riff and echoey vocals from singer/guitarist Wolfhard, plus an epic guitar solo outro.”—Billboard


    “a swaggering, blues rock track inspired by the Rolling Stones…It’s an impressive debut for a band of 15-year olds. Hell, it’s an impressive debut for any indie rock band.”—Esquire


    “like something straight out of the ending of a John Hughes movie…Obviously, Finn sounds great on the mic, but the instrumental parts are what really stand out”—MTV

    Listen: Calpurnia – “City Boy”

    Calpurnia – “City Boy”

  • Gang Of Youths

    Gang Of Youths

    Go Farther In Lightness

    The holiness of love, the chaos and rapture of surviving against all odds. This is what drives Sydney five-piece Gang Of Youths, whose New single “The Heart Is A Muscle” we’re honored to deliver as first taste off the forthcoming “Go Father In Lightness” (out 3/16).


    Sydney’s Gang Of Youths founded in the confines of their religious youth, enchanted by the spectacle of worship and deliverance, it’s no wonder their music burns with the desperation of apocalypse. With singer Dave Le’aupepe’s lyrics drawn from some of the most miserable life experiences available to humanity, and the band’s music taking cues from rock history’s most ambitious and theatrical preachers, Gang Of Youths drag the beauty out of everything from hell to high heaven.


    “The honesty, the poetry, the power of the production. The music. This is rock n’ roll. This is real spirited music right here.”—Zane Lowe/Beats 1


    “one of the most thrilling and emotive live acts in music today”—NME


    “poignant ballads and explosive bar rock”—Pitchfork


    “Gang Of Youths is 2017’s Best Band That You Haven’t Heard Of Yet”—Uproxx

    Listen: Gang Of Youths – “The Heart Is A Muscle” (radio edit)

    Gang Of Youths – “The Heart Is A Muscle” (radio edit)

  • Kitten


    I Did It!

    Kitten’s New single “I Did It!” is an energized and memorable slab o’ Britpop propulsion! Equal parts sugary and swaggery, it goes down instantly smooth and should have you jumping up and down in no time—Crank It! This breath of fresh spring air is off the band’s upcoming sophomore full length And those attending SXSW can catch the band in action Live!


    “The song is both regretful and empowering. It’s about the kind of mistake that ends up showing you the way forward. I’ve made a lot of those. I’m sure there will be more.”–Chloe Chaidez of Kitten


    “glistening and infectious slice of retro-pop, but there’s a new urgency underpinning it all. The song rushes forward with a propulsion that’s muscular while remaining brisk”—Stereogum


    “a vibrant, 80s alt-pop gem.”—VICE

    Listen: Kitten – “I Did It!”

    Kitten – “I Did It!”

  • Post Animal

    Post Animal

    When I Think Of You In A Castle

    Overflowing with riffs and reckless abandon, we’re So Thrilled to be able to reveal Post Animal’s “Ralphie” to radio—the contagious first single off the Chicagoans’ impending new album and Polyvinyl debut “When I Think Of You In A Castle” (out 4/20)!  


    “Ralphie” finds Post Animal guitarist Joe Keery and bassist Dalton Allison trading lead vocals to churn out surely one of the most infectious pop melodies of the year so far! The band says about their beloved friend and bandmate Joe (friends don’t lie!):


    “In early 2015, Joe joined our band and quickly became one of our best friends. He’s played a vital role in Post Animal and the creation of every musical release we’ve had or planned thus far, including his vocals and guitar work on When I Think Of You In A Castle. It comes as no surprise that our incredibly talented Joe has found success in other artistic endeavors, and for that reason he is no longer an active touring member of Post Animal. We plan to create more magic with him in the future as our fondness for musical collaboration remains strong. On that note, we hope you enjoy “Ralphie,” and we are excited to share more music with you in the coming months.”


    Post Animal is a psych rock five-piece from the tightly knit Chicago music scene. Since forming in 2015, the band has developed a loyal fanbase, howling from the depths of sweaty basement shows and packed rock clubs. True to their DIY roots, the band has booked numerous tours and self-released two EPs, which have garnered them coverage from the likes of NME, Paper Mag, Vice, and PASTE.


    Boasting the individual talents of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, Matt Williams, and Joe Keery (currently an inactive contributing member), Post Animal has toured and performed with the likes of White Reaper, Twin Peaks, and Wavves.


    “A bright and punchy bit of psych-pop…moving effortlessly through a series of effervescent passages full of sugary hooks and guitar breaks.”—Stereogum


    “showing off the band’s knack for rock that is as hooky as it is hallucinatory.”—PASTE


    “an instantly infectious, psych-tinged pop-rock epic.”—NME


    “psychedelic-inspired garage rock….swirling panoramic new single”—MTV

    Listen: Post Animal – “Ralphie”

    Post Animal – “Ralphie”

  • The Aces

    The Aces

    When My Heart Felt Volcanic

    Utah quartet The Aces have announced their anticipated debut album, “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” (out 4/6) and which contains a collection of songs that exhibits confidence and polish that bellies their young years. Fans already pre-ordering the album receive an instant download of the track “Volcanic Love” which is also previewed at radio this month.


    The Aces cut their teeth as a live band early, using the teetotal, all-ages venue The Velour as their testing ground from age 13 onwards. It was in this environment that they gained confidence and thrived, their lineup solidifying a year later when McKenna met Katie in junior high, who, thanks to her older brother’s love of music, had a whole rehearsal space in her parent’s basement. The newly formed quartet would now blend McKenna and Katie’s alternative tastes (they grew up on The Cure, The Beatles and Depeche Mode) with those of Alisa and Cristal to truly find their sound.


    The Aces’ “Stuck” landed them in the Top 40 At Alternative Radio, and wrapped a successful 2017 of growth as Billboard’s Chart Breaker artist as well as their 2018 Artist To Watch


    “Slinky pop that traces the missing link between Haim, The 1975, and Muna.”–NOISEY/Vice


    “Four girls about to rule the world emblazons the homepage for The Aces. That declaration sounds about right.”–The FADER


    “More honest than most pop songs.”–NPR  

    Listen: The Aces – “Just Like That” (clean radio edit)

    The Aces – “Just Like That” (clean radio edit)

  • Dessa

    Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations. On the stage and on the page, her style is defined by a ferocity, wit, tenderness, and candor. Dessa’s third full-length album “Chime” (Doomtree Records) is listed by NPR and AV Club as one of 2018’s most anticipated albums.


    Dessa’s résumé as a musician includes performances at Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, co-compositions for 100-voice choir, performances with the Minnesota Orchestra, and a top-200 entry on the Billboard charts for her album “Parts of Speech”. She contributed to the #1 album The Hamilton Mixtape; her track, “Congratulations,” notched over 5 million streams.


    As a writer, Dessa‘s been published by The New York Times Magazine, broadcast by Minnesota Public Radio, published two literary collections of her own, and is set to release her first hardcover collection with Dutton Books/Penguin Random House in the fall of 2018. She’s been covered by Pitchfork, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal amongst others. The LA Times says Dessa “sounds like no one else.”  The Utne Reader calls her a “one-woman powerhouse.”


    In March, Dessa embarks on a world tour through the US, Europe, and Asia.

    Listen: Dessa – “5 out of 6” (clean radio edit)

    Dessa – “5 out of 6” (clean radio edit)

  • Father John Misty

    Father John Misty

    Mr. Tillman

    Get ready to grin from ear to ear, as there’s miles of smiles to be had on this brand New Father John Misty single, and the first recorded new release from our man since last year’s “Pure Comedy”! After Just debuting the song live recently in Tokyo, “Mr. Tillman” is now released officially into the wild and in anticipation of a possible (?) new album he’s been teasing us about.


    “recalls psychedelic elements from the first FJM album….vocal melody moves like a druggy, half-lidded incantation that constantly threatens to wake up into a scene that’s more explicitly unnerving, that persistent piano line working against it to give the whole thing this darkly dreamy atmosphere, a Lynchian veneer of prettiness over something more sinister.”—Stereogum


    “Damn, Tillman! Back at it again with the nice chorus and obtuse navel-gazing….concise and baroque” —NOISEY/Vice


    “dances between psychedelic piano and guitar in a gentle, slightly disoriented twirl. And unlike the the meta commentary on ‘Pure Comedy’, this song is far more self-focused, as the title suggests.” —Consequence Of Sound

    Listen: Father John Misty – “Mr. Tillman”

    Father John Misty – “Mr. Tillman”

  • Superorganism



    Occasionally, along comes a band that Perfectly captures so much of what is thrilling about music right now! Superorganism is a collection of eight international musicians and pop culture junkies (London/Japan/Australia/New Zealand) whose “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” we’re frankly beginning to worry about since We Simply Can’t Stop Playing It!


    Numbering eight in total, and recruited from London, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Superorganism currently live together in a house/DIY studio/band HQ in East London.


    It was in this house back in January that Superorganism had their big bang moment. Though they’d previously created music and visuals together, this was something distinctly fresh. They sent the track to their friend Orono, a Japanese student who at that time was studying at high school in Maine. Orono wrote and recorded a vocal part and pressed “reply”. What came back across the Atlantic was an intoxicating piece of idiosyncratic, technicolor pop that was “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” With that, Superorganism was born!


    It’s unlikely at that point Superorganism would’ve expected to hear that track played on Frank Ocean or Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig’s radio shows, Or that the band’s identity would be the subject of so much speculation. Or that they would sign a deal with the legendary independent Domino label or that there’d be such demand to see the band live that their debut UK show would full London’s 700 capacity Village Underground. But over the last few months such is the trajectory of this unique band. You, my friend, are in for a treat!


    “The new band who’ll f*ck with your brain and turn it inside out.”–NOISEY/Vice


    “The part-pop group, part-cult, full hivemind bringing a sense of fun back to music.”–DAZED


    “a hopelessly replayable loosie…it’s trying exactly hard enough. There’s a dramatic pause right in the middle of the hook, and it makes me grin every time.”–TheFADER


    “The song now has a video to go along with it made up of a mix of footage that looks as gooey and eclectic as the track itself.”–Stereogum


    “filled with cartoonish noises, a vintage sample and a killer pop chorus. A delightfully bizarre arrival.”–NME (Best Songs Of 2017 So Far)


    “The supercool jam is woozy and head-nodding, with deep sludgy beats and a quirky, colorful chorus.”–WXPN/The Key


    + BBC Radio 1–Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World”


    + Notable Fans Singing The Band’s Praises: Josh Homme, Vampire Weekend, Gorillaz, Frank Ocean

    Listen: Superorganism – “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”

    Superorganism – “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”

  • Beach House

    Beach House

    Lemon Glow

    It’s the triumphant return of Baltimore duo Beach House, and while we Do know they’ll be a new album in the Near Future, we’ve the blissful “Lemon Glow” to tide us over…..good things come to those who wait sometimes. It’s simply so Great to just have them back isn’t it?!


    We’ll let you know more info As it becomes available.


    “another entry in Beach House’s canon of makeout music; it’s a song about the thrill of intimacy, a breathless hymn to emotional connection.”—Pitchfork


    “A little more foreboding than we’re used to from the beloved dream-pop pair, ‘Lemon Glow’ has a hint of the sinister about it, and that makes for a great new twist on their sound.”–NOISEY/Vice


    “It’s packed full of synthesizers, and may well be Beach House’s most danceable track to date.”–NME


    “continue their dream-pop escapades by layering vocalist Victoria Legrand’s lush synth instrumental with partner Alex Scally’s electric-slide guitar skills and heavy drums….Legrand’s smooth, wispy vocals move with the peaks and valleys of the production.”–PASTE


    “a typically gauzy tune, featuring funky backbeat, warbling lead guitar, and washes of choral ambience.”—SPIN

    Listen: Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

    Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

  • The Kills

    The Kills

    List of Demands (Reparations)

    For their latest attack, The Kills have re-wired the circuits of Saul Williams’ “List of Demands (Reparations)” to create a wounded, volcanic, and urgent anthem. An opaque but powerful litany that could incite the most apathetic to action, a wake-up call capable of being interpreted as personal or political.


    “It’s a song of strength and empowerment, rooted in the idea of rising above,” The Kills’ Alison Mosshart says. “It was one of those songs you’re almost scared to cover, because it carries so much respect. It wasn’t a straight up love song or a drug song. It was defined, serious, and perfect already. With certain songs, you feel like an intruder trying to sing them, but this one felt like my own.”


    ‘List of Demands’ was so impactful to us—it was the kind of song that would come on backstage and everyone would stop what they were doing and stand up, “The Kills’ Jamie Hince says. “The more I found myself listening to the lyrics, the more I heard in them, and found myself singing along with goose bumps. The brilliant thing about it is that it speaks to so many different ideas—a true underground thing like the best Iggy Pop songs.”


    Saul Williams returned the compliment, waxing rhapsodically about the Kills’ tribute:


    “I always felt envious of the way the 60’s generation shared songs and ideologies. Jimi singing Dylan. Rotary Connection singing Otis Redding. The Stones singing the blues,” Williams said. “This is all part of the beauty and power of music and it reverberates deeply in me. All this to say, I’m honored. I liked The Kills before they chose to cover ‘LOD.’ If they can feel themselves in that song, it’s because they are as much a part of it as I am.”


    It’s an affirmation of the profound meaning that a song can inhabit, particularly in times of turmoil and duress. The Kills channeled those past nexuses, creating a new form from biblical material, another attack on complacency, a tribute to the joys of flux, a transmission that carries on the unwavering belief that some things must change.

    Listen: The Kills – “List of Demands (Reparations)”

    The Kills – “List of Demands (Reparations)”

  • Ash



    ASH just shared their new single “Buzzkill” with radio, taken from forthcoming album “Islands” (out 5/18!) –their first since 2015’s “Kablammo!” and marking their return to Infectious Music in the process – previously home to the band’s UK Number One albums, 1996’s “1977″ and “Free All Angels” in 2001.


    Twenty-five years on from their emergence as teenagers on Belfast’s DIY scene ASH Are Back with Another irrepressible track that more than holds its own in what is a seemingly already over-stocked catalogue of hits.


    Written by the band’s singer/ guitarist Tim Wheeler, “Buzzkill” is a dizzying slice of upbeat pop nous coupled with The Undertones’ Damien O’Neill and Mickey Bradley guesting on backing vocals – another wave of typical ASH ebullience that is sure to strike a chord with fans, young and old.


    Produced by Tim Wheeler, “Islands” is the band’s seventh studio album with additional production from Mark Hamilton, Rick McMurray and Claudius Mittendorfer – who also mixed the album at the band’s studio in New York.


    Talking about “Buzzkill”, Wheeler explains its origins: “The day I wrote Buzzkill, it took me a while to stop laughing cos it’s so fun, dumb and full of unnecessary swearing. We used to know a band called Buzzkill in Belfast in the 90s and I think their name has been in my mind for all that time wanting to get into a song. Having seen The Undertones playing a couple of times recently I was guiltily thinking how much the backing vocals I’d written for Buzzkill were mimicking their style. So I thought it would only be right to ask Damien (O’Neill) and Mickey (Bradley)  to sing on it and we were honoured when that they said yes, despite all the filthy cussing. It’s a fun song and will hopefully ignite a few mosh-pits for us this year.”

    Listen: Ash – “Buzzkill” (clean radio edit)

    Ash – “Buzzkill” (clean radio edit)

  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks

    Sweet '17 Singles

    While you weren’t looking, Twin Peaks have quietly (well, maybe not So quietly) released an album’s worth of material, two songs at a time, right under everyone’s nose. A true testament to their songwriting ability and prolificacy, the 12 songs capture all the band’s playfulness, melodic talent, and impressive musicianship. Our first single to radio “Tossing Tears” is a shining example of the band’s depth and diversity of style, and Was Only Available as a 7-inch single to 300 people by subscription, but Now sees inclusion on the limited edition 12-inch “Sweet ’17 Singles”!


    Twin Peaks have also just kicked off their support tour with the recent Grammy winners Portugal The Man, to be immediately followed by dates with The Districts through April.


    “Exile-era Stones strut and Velvet Underground guitar posey with sophistication that’s beyond their years, and a sense of humor too.”Rolling Stone


    “They’re still brash and reckless and, more than anything, fun, but with a few extra years on them, they’ve molded that reckless spirit into a multifaceted collection of songs that brings to mind the Rolling Stones at their twangiest.”Newsweek


    “Surfs the same wave of brash three-chord zeal as Thee Oh Sees and Parquet Courts.” The New York Times

    Listen: Twin Peaks – “Tossing Tears”

    Twin Peaks – “Tossing Tears”

  • Soccer Mommy

    Soccer Mommy


    “I’ve played music since I was six,” says Sophie Allison (aka Soccer Mommy), “and I always wrote songs just for myself. I did it for fun, posting songs on Tumblr, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. I didn’t think anyone would notice.”


    All that changed the summer before Allison left for college. She bought a Tascam digital recorder and began to experiment with production, pushing the quality and craft of her songs to new heights. A buzz began to grow around her Bandcamp recordings, leading to live shows and eventually a record deal, with 2017’s critically acclaimed bedroom-recorded compilation “Collection”. “I realized that I could do this full-time,” says Allison. “It was either quit school now and do it, or stop growing as an artist. It was now or never.”


    So Allison took the plunge. She quit school, moved back home to Nashville, shifting all her focus to music. She toured with Mitski, Jay Som, Slowdive, and others, and was featured in the New York Times article ‘Rock’s Not Dead, It’s Ruled By Women’. The bedroom project of Sophie Allison is now a full-time band with a new studio-album debut, “Clean” (out 3/2). Produced by Gabe Wax (War On Drugs, Deerhunter, Beirut) and mixed by Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, PJ Harvey), “Clean” is Allison’s journey out of the bedroom and into the studio.


    “Clean” presents Sophie Allison as a singular artist, wise beyond her years, with an emotional authenticity all her own. “It feels like my first real record,” says Allison. “It’s my first real statement.” It’s an emotional album, heavy on themes of growth, isolation and change, but balanced by a lightness of touch, and with hooks to spare. “Clean” is a true step forward for Soccer Mommy-a mature, powerful album from an artist just coming into her power.


    “Leaning into the pet metaphor to describe her fury at being pushed to the periphery, she taps into a bitter punk attitude, but maintains a cozy indie-pop aesthetic: A charming, twisted guitar riff surfaces between every verse, and breathy multi-tracked vocals cushion the blow of her harsh words.”—Pitchfork


    “so flippin’ good….a foot-tapper about feeling neglected in love, Sophie Allison sounds feistier, and better, than ever before.”—TheFADER


    “a brilliant lyric about dysfunctional romance, and the melody Sophie Allison affixed it to may be even better….her vocal interacts with the music’s steady indie-rock churn as if bobbing in the current of a rolling river. As hooks (and leashes!) are meant to do, it carries you right along with it until you’re so beguiled that you’re willing to publicly identify as a fan of a band called Soccer Mommy.”—Stereogum


    “It’s a song reclaiming agency and identity taken by another other person’s condescension, control and abuse. And as she makes this empowering demand for respect, Sophie Allison firmly establishes herself as a vital musical voice we’ll be turning to in the years to come.”–NPR (“Songs We Love”)


    “pairs hypnotic indie-pop with an uncompromising demand for respect.”—PASTE

    Listen: Soccer Mommy – “Cool” (clean radio edit)

    Soccer Mommy – “Cool” (clean radio edit)

  • Porches


    The House

    Porches’ third record “The House” is a conscious effort in minimalism and honesty. “Making ‘Pool’”—the band’s 2016 breakthrough record—“I learned how valuable the spirit of the demos are,” says singer Aaron Maine, “so this time I made a point of capturing a song the day it was conceived.” Because of this desire to document immediate sensations, the record’s fourteen tracks offer a series of diaristic vignettes. There are moments of emerging from fear of ego death, escaping the corporeal, the terrifying thrill of young love, and parting with the past. While these themes possibly paint “The House” in a dark light, the record is marked by an excitement at the prospect of self-discovery, and commitment to the process of getting there.


    Though Aaron largely composes on his own, “The House” features contributions by Alexander Giannascoli ((Sandy) Alex G), Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Maya Laner (True Blue, Porches), Kaya Wilkins (Okay Kaya), Bryndon Cook (Starchild & the New Romantic), Cameron Wisch (Cende, Porches), Jason Arce, Bea1991, and his own father, Peter Maine. As with “Pool”, Aaron brought his recorded work to Chris Coady (Beach House, Slowdive, TV on the Radio), who then mixed “The House” at his Sunset Sound studio.


    Porches’ last album “Pool” was not only one of our absolute fave releases last year, but also gave way to Easily one of our Top 5 Live Shows of 2016. So we’re Super Excited to deliver to you the Icy and Cool new single “Find Me” as first look and listen into Aaron Maine’s (aka Porches) “The House”!


    “he populates the song with an arrhythmic bass drum backbeat, bright keys, and a brash synthesized horn that could have been borrowed from Underworld. This sense of overarching confusion only deepens the songs uncanny magnetism.”–Pitchfork


    “Despite its relatively chilled out exterior, boiling beneath the surface of the ’90s-tinged single are feelings of anxiety and the need to escape.”–Consequence Of Sound


    “On ‘Find Me,’ he paints anxiety with a throbbing 90s house beat and chirping vocal blips. The accompanying video imagines a verdant search for solitude. Finding that solitary place, it seems, can evoke euphoria.”–NPR


    “Maine ruminates on concepts of anxiety, escape and isolation.”–PASTE

    Listen: Porches – “Find Me”

    Porches – “Find Me”

  • Curtis Roush

    Curtis Roush

    Cosmic Campfire Music

    Fusing bedroom soul with the ambient expanses of shoegaze, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Curtis Roush explores love and loss away from the purview of his psych-rock comrades The Bright Light Social Hour on his New single “Real Love” off his debut solo album “Cosmic Campfire Music”.


    Suffused with the 70s album rock of his Californian parents, Austin-born Curtis Roush buried himself in instruments and musical genres shifting from the metal and classic rock of his teenage years, the hardcore and post-rock of his college years, and into the expansive psychedelia as a member of The Bright Light Social Hour.


    Reeling from the end of a relationship and the suicide of Alex O’Brien, manager of The Bright Light Social Hour and brother to band mate Jack O’Brien, Roush spent time between tours in Marfa, TX focusing on softer, more acoustic songwriting married with expansive, psychedelic production – a “quiet storm of the west.” Roush composed the songs of his debut album, “Cosmic Campfire Music”, on a laptop during fleeting moments in motels, a tour van, and his parents’ spare bedroom. A reflection of these hushed, quieter spaces, these songs conjure an existential meditation on love – how it rarely arrives, how it often leaves.


    Working with producer Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders, Roush tracked the album to analog tape over one month in the winter of 2016. He played every instrument and we Know you’re going to love it as Much as we do.


    From its calm confessions to its skyward gaze, “Cosmic Campfire Music” is a listen for hushed respite before the long struggle ahead.


    “The shoegaze-infused ’70s rocker ‘Real Love’ sounds like a mirage but paints Roush as a realist. Describing ‘the feeling that I thought I knew,’ he invokes ‘white hot flashes’ and ‘flailing,’ all within the fabric of spacey reverbed vocal harmonies and layers of guitar that might remind you of both Fleet Foxes and the War On Drugs.” – Stereogum

    Listen: Curtis Roush – “Real Love” (radio edit)

    Listen: Curtis Roush – “Real Love” (radio edit)

  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever


    Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever ARE BACK! New single “Mainland” is the upbeat and earnest first share of what’s most assuredly going to be a big year for the Australian five-piece.


    Recorded in a secluded house in Australia’s Northern New South Wales wilderness, “Mainland” was sparked by Rolling Blackouts CF singer/songwriter/guitarist Tom Russo’s trip to his grandparents’ birthplace of the Aeolin Islands off Sicily.


    “I was reading about a refugee crisis unfolding not far away in the Mediterranean Sea,” recalls Russo. “The song is about longing, disillusionment, privilege and holding on to love as a kind of shield.”

    Listen: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Mainland”

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Mainland”

  • Hookworms



    Hookworms‘ third album “Microshift” is a massive step forward–a shift from the band’s potent and hallmark kraut-guitar rock to delve deep into propulsive synths and electronics with further vocal focus on melody. The results are a staggering and welcome revelation.


    Forget everything you know about Hookworms. Ok, maybe not everything; the urgency and viscera both live and on record that led the Yorkshire, England-based five-piece to prominence across two blistering full-length LPs – 2013’s “Pearl Mystic” and 2014 follow-up “The Hum”remains. However, as they return with their much-anticipated third record “Microshift”, the title of the record connotates more than just the intended nod to the audio plug-in their vocalist MJ regularly uses; it could also be an understatement of a three-year narrative that’s brought about changing circumstances, influences and subsequent evolution.


    “Microshift” is a record that largely pulls back the dense fog of guitars and Modern Lovers-esque blasts of organ that have become Hookworms’ trademark, replaced instead by a plethora of electronics and synthesizers. New variants on their use of motorik sees drummer JN working around drum machines on many of the tracks, while an increased focus on melody is most notable in MJ’s vocal delivery, now shorn of the Space Echo that drenched it previously. “After eight years of being a band we couldn’t just make another psych rock record” says the group’s MB.


    There’s far more to “Microshift” than just rock band going electronic however; indeed, the fact it’s here at all is a relief after a series of setbacks for the band. Most publicly, the minutiae of the US visa system caused the expensive, last minute cancellation of an American tour, while on Boxing Day 2015 the River Aire floods in Leeds devastated MJ’s Suburban Home Studio – not just the rehearsal and recording space of the band, but home to the producer’s livelihood itself. The band are quick to point out that the incredible response to a GoFundMe campaign and the subsequent help of volunteers over several months to rebuild the studio from nothing is a huge part of the band’s continued existence. Striving through this as well as relationship breakups, family illness and the death of the band’s close friend and live sound engineer, it is perhaps no surprise that the record is one of both defiance and darkness.


    “All our records are to an extent about mental health. Largely this is an album about loss but also about maturing, accepting your flaws and the transience of intimacy.”–MJ/Hookworms

    Listen: Hookworms – “Negative Space” (radio edit)

    Hookworms – “Negative Space” (radio edit)

  • Mansionair


    Astronaut (Something About Your Love)

    Already rolling out quickly via ALT Nation’s ‘Advanced Placement’, Sydney trio Mansionair are Back with an Instant sounding new single “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)”! A genre-splitting shot from the soul and as playful as it is a sincere exploration of loneliness and distant affections.


    At the tail end of 2016, you’ll recall Mansionair released the bristling track, “Easier,” which has now reached 13 million streams, a testament to the fan-base they’ve created in such a short period of time.  While working on their latest offering, the band collaborated with Seattle duo ODESZA on Their lead single, “Line Of Sight,” which has since climbed the Alternative and Dance/Electronic Charts and has amassed millions of streams.


    In the last few years, Mansionair has been praised for their mesmerizing and genre-defying music from tastemakers including The Fader, Stereogum, NME, The Guardian, BBC Radio 1 and Pigeons and Planes, who declared the band an “Act To Watch.”  Soon after the band’s first release they were handpicked by CHVRCHES to open their headline tour across the USA, UK, and Europe. Mansionair went on to join Alt-J and Florence & The Machine on the road, most recently wrapping up a tour with London Grammar.


    “We shoved a microphone deep inside a piano and recorded all the atmospheric noises that came out. Like what I imagined an astronaut felt as if he was looking back at Earth.”–Lachlan Bostock/Mansionair (on the new single)

    Listen: Mansionair – “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)”

    Mansionair – “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)”

  • lovelytheband


    Everything I Could Never Say....

    lovelytheband‘s habit-former of a debut single “Broken” came together on a drunken night in West Hollywood, and focuses its aim on themes of depression, anxiety, relationships and late nights spent with friends. Billboard premiered the single and it has since Already even garnered some early play on Sirius/XM’s AltNation


    On the inspiration behind their new single, lovelytheband frontman Mitchy Collins said, “This song is about finding someone who is just as f—d up and lost as you are, but somehow you make it work together. Everyone is a little bit broken inside, nobody’s perfect. This song is an ode to the broken ones.”

    Listen: lovelytheband – “Broken”

    lovelytheband – “Broken”