• Surfbort


    Keep On Truckin'

    In “The Spirit of Bikini Kill, Pussy Galore, Patti Smith and X” (The Guardian) come Brooklyn punks Surfbort to Save Us All! On the newly released “Keep On Truckin’”  the band deliver what the world needs right now—raw, Real and a Hell Of A Party!


    “‘Big Star’ is about finding yourself after drug addiction. No matter if you are a big star in a big world or have a trash car in a small world you are living and learning and the universe has a ton in store for you.” – Dani Miller/Surfbort


    “A glorious stumble through the gamut of emotions. “- DIY Magazine


    “One of New York’s last (only?) great punk bands.” – W Magazine


    “Rollicking stage presence.” – Nylon


    “They are everything I want a band to be. Just the right amount of chaos. I am excited that they even exist. I LOVE SURFBORT!” – Fred Armisen


    Surfbort’s newly released “Keep On Truckin’” is part of the recently launched partnership between legendary producer, composer and philanthropist, Linda Perry and SoundCloud/Repost. 


    In an age of division where presentation has trumped content, where billionaires blast into space as the wealth gap increases and the entire society teeters on the spectrum of addiction, “Keep on Truckin’” reminds us that we’re all geniuses and idiots, and that love, humor, magic, and the human sitting next to you are the only antidote to the capitalist hellscape,” says singer Dani Miller.

    Listen: Surfbort Lot Lizard 93 (Radio Edit)

    Surfbort Lot Lizard 93 (Radio Edit)

  • The Districts

    The Districts

    Great American Painting

    Having just wrapped a headline tour out east, and following up their recent #1 specialty show fave “I Want To Feel It All,” The Districts drop the shimmering, soaring new single “Do It Over” from their upcoming fifth album “Great American Painting” (out 2/4/22)!


    The trio immersed themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of Mt. Rainier National Park and Gifford Pinchot National Forest for the video below, and further underscoring the band’s creating some of their most lush and vibrant music to date.


    “’Do It Over’ is about wising up and seeing the past through the lens of a more complete version of yourself. We’ve all made mistakes and some haunt us more than others. A lot of pain has been caused with good intentions. It’s also directed towards my younger self who wasn’t ready for the responsibility and attention of being in a band and speaking, singing and writing publicly, let alone simply navigating interpersonal relationships. It’s a simple song and a simple plea to right your wrongs and clarify your intentions and untangle the mess of relationships and do it the way you would now.” –Rob Grote/singer/guitarist for The Districts


    In the making of the upcoming “Great American Painting” The Districts found their sense of connection exponentially intensified. “It just felt so nice to spend time with the people I care about, to have fun and try to make something good for the world,” Rob Grote says. That feeling of kinship and solidarity is something the band hopes to extend with the album’s release. “The thing I value most in music is when an album expresses some sort of pain or frustration or hope that I also feel,” Grote explains. “I hope this album makes people feel like something within themselves is reflected in the wider world, and I hope that makes them feel less alone.”


    “Great American Painting” is the rare album that shines a bright light on all that’s wrong in the world but somehow still channels a galvanizing sense of hope.

    Listen: The Districts – “I Want To Feel It All”

    The Districts – “I Want To Feel It All”

  • Beach House

    Beach House

    Once Twice Melody

    Most Assuredly A Time To Celebrate—Beach House have returned, with first single the title track “Once Twice Melody” (their 8th album Out 2/18/22!)!


    “Once Twice Melody,” the first album produced entirely by Beach House, was recorded at Pachyderm studio in Cannon Falls, MN, United Studio in Los Angeles, CA, and Apple Orchard Studios in Baltimore, MD. For the first time, a live string ensemble was used, with arrangements by David Campbell.


    “Once Twice Melody” was mostly mixed by Alan Moulder but a few tracks were also mixed by Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann, will feature 18 tracks, and in the lead up to the physical release, will be presented in 4 chapters with lyric animations for each song.


    The first 4-song chapter is Out Now, with the entire chapter and song release schedule as follows:


    Chapter 1 (out now!):

    Once Twice Melody
    Pink Funeral
    Through Me


    Chapter 2 on December 8th, 2021:

    New Romance
    Over and Over


    Chapter 3 on January 19th, 2022:

    Only You Know
    Another Go Around
    Illusion of Forever


    Chapter 4 (& full album release) on February 18th, 2022:

    The Bells
    Hurts to Love
    Many Nights
    Modern Love Stories

    Listen: Beach House – “Once Twice Melody”

    Beach House – “Once Twice Melody”

  • Simple Plan

    Simple Plan

    "The Antidote"

    Simple Plan Are BACK, with the multi-platinum selling band’s first music in two years, and in an instant new single in “The Antidote”! Poignant and moving, this honest, And Most Importantly Real new anthem, delivers just what we’ve been missing—a big, energetic chorus and heartfelt lyrics centered around life and the struggles we all face.


    “A lot of people are going through some tough times right now and the song talks about how important it is to have someone or something to turn to when life gets really hard. It can be a life partner, a friend, a family member, something you love to do and are really passionate about…it doesn’t really matter and it can be anything. For a lot of our fans and for us, it’s been music. Its power to heal, comfort and be a lifeline has never been greater and more needed than now. We really hope this song will mean a lot to our fans and help them deal with the difficult moments we’re all facing.” —Simple Plan


    As Simple Plan ready more new music and a new album in the year ahead, 2022 will also mark the 20th anniversary of the band ’s debut album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls,” which recently has gained attention on TikTok through the viral “I’m Just A Kid” challenge. The song has inspired millions of videos, including Will Smith, Ed Sheeran, Usher, and more. “I’m Just A Kid” was certified RIAA Platinum last year.

    Listen: Simple Plan – “The Antidote”

    Simple Plan – “The Antidote”

  • The Lazy Eyes

    The Lazy Eyes


    Soaring Sydney, Australian outfit The Lazy Eyes are back, and with a chugging, rhythmic strut of an addictive new single in “Fuzz Jam.” The band will be heading out opening for The Strokes back home, and before one can catch and follow the beat, this first one from the upcoming “SongBook” (Out March 2022) mutates into a muscular, sludgy jam and then further again into wonderful disarray.


    The act of improvisation has come to be part and parcel with The Lazy Eyes, established through their cult live following, and “Fuzz Jam” is no different.


    The Lazy Eyes have become emblematic torchbearers of the next generation of Australia’s psych-rock scene, their reputation and talent spreading like word of mouth wildfire across projects, “EP1″ and “EP2,” and acclaim has come both locally and globally for the band, across KCRW/LA, BBC 6 Music and Radio 1, SPIN, Triple J and countless more, including their place in the NME 100 for 2021.


    Step inside, but be warned: Once you’re in The Lazy Eyes‘ world, you might not want to leave any time soon.


    “The makings of  psych giant” —NME


    “If Brian Wilson joined Tame Impala for a day” —DIY


    “A phenomenal blend of modern sensibilities and classic experimental pop” —American Songwriter


    “Wild manoeuvres from the off, the sludgy sonics are manipulated into something euphoric” —CLASH

    Listen: The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam” (radio edit)

    The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam” (radio edit)

  • Day Wave

    Day Wave

    "Where Do You Go"

    Following the release of his acclaimed EP “Crush” last April, Day Wave has returned with a new single and video for breezy reverie “Before We Knew”!


    A lyric like “I feel like tapping out, but I can’t let you beat me” naturally rings out as both timely and empowering, yet there is an existential and enduring pain ringing out in Jackson Phillips’ voice on “Before We Knew.” Phillips has been releasing hooky, smooth guitar pop as Day Wave since 2015, but his latest communicates a sense of renewed urgency—and for good reason.


    Speaking on the track, Jackson comments: “I wrote “Before We Knew” last fall after taking a long break from writing songs. When I sat down to create again, I knew I wanted to let go of my old process, I wanted to make music feel fresh for myself again.”


    The product of that new writing process, the sharp guitar tone and playful stomp of “Before We Knew” fuse into something raw and refreshed. “It was scary abandoning an approach that felt right in the past, but finding my footing with a new writing process was really rewarding,” Phillips says. “When I finally let go of what I thought I was supposed to be making, this song just came to me.”


    Day Wave first emerged from the Bay Area in 2015, when Phillips began releasing a series of singles and EPs that racked up tens of millions of streams on Spotify and garnered rave reviews in both the US and Europe. Vice praised the music as fitting “snugly in between heavy dream pop and jangly indie rock,” while The Guardian hailed it as “downcast surf pop that makes [Phillips] sound like a one-man DIIV,” and Billboard called it “sweetly melodic…the stuff John Hughes characters would have swooned over.” Buoyed by the ecstatic reaction, Phillips put together a touring band and hit the road, earning dates supporting the likes of Albert Hammond, Jr. and Blonde Redhead in addition to landing festival slots from Lollapalooza to Governor’s Ball. In 2020, he released his first EP with [PIAS] Recordings, “Crush.” New music is forthcoming.

    Listen: Day Wave – “Where Do You Go”

    Day Wave – “Where Do You Go”

  • Kids In America

    Kids In America

    "Dive (feat. Magic Giant)"

    Kids In America’s new single “DIVE” features fellow SoCal band MAGIC GIANT, was co-written with Twin XL’s John Gomez, and is a joyous anthem featuring big horns and a festival-ready sing along chorus (“DIVE into your love” my radio friends!).


    “While the track asks the listener to just go for it, the sounds and feelings around the message are bright and inviting. Big horns and gang vocals treat and entreat. That was the intention of the group all along.” —American Songwriter


    Kids In America have a big tent philosophy of creating music and collaborating with a wide variety of other artists in a way that invites everyone to let loose and let go.


    They’re a modern twist on the classic California sound of the 70’s Laurel Canyon scene. In their short career they’ve already amassed 10 million streams to date, and released successful collaborations with the Grisowlds, The Mowglis, Luna Aura, Big Data and now their friends MAGIC GIANT.


    Most importantly, with songs “a no-brainer addition to your playlist…will stick in your head long after he sun sets” (Billboard) and “hooks on hooks, harmonies for days” (Esquire), Kids In America is finishing their debut album to be released in early 2022—we’ll Keep You Posted!

    Listen: Kids In America – “Dive (feat. Magic Giant)”

    Kids In America – “Dive (feat. Magic Giant)”