• Kids In America

    Kids In America

    “Summer Of Love” feat. The Griswolds

    Kids In America is a band with a “big tent” philosophy of creating music and collaborating with other artists in a way that invites everyone to let loose and let go. The sparkling and cathartic first single “Summer Of Love” feat. The Griswolds was instantly snatched up for an add at ALT Nation’s ‘Advanced Placement’ and this Immediate first foray from the band is paired with some suitably groovy (and grooving) vintage visuals (see below)!


    “Summer Of Love” Stats:


    + 600K + streams on all DSP platforms in just 4 weeks


    + Spotify – 300K 1st month (The New Alt, Indie Pop, New Noise adds)


    + YouTube – 250K streams to date


    + Amazon Music – Features on Fresh Alternative & Introducing Alternative playlists

    Listen: Kids In America – “Summer Of Love” feat. The Griswolds

    Kids In America – “Summer Of Love” feat. The Griswolds

  • Protomartyr


    Ultimate Success Today

    Protomartyr’s Back and have readied for us a new collection of their wonderfully bleak and philosophical apocalyptic rock! “Ultimate Success Today” is coming July 17th, co-produced with David Tolomei (Beach House, Dirty Projectors) and was recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios, a late 19th century church in Upstate New York.


    There is a sting in the summer blossom of “Ultimate Success Today,” Protomartyr’s fifth album and second for Domino. Arriving after “Relatives In Descent,” the band’s headlong dive into the morass of American life in 2017, “Ultimate Success Today” is a fitting follow-up from the Detroit band.


    Two Songs from the upcoming album have been unveiled to date in “Worm In Heaven” and “Processed By The Boys.”


    “Fusing droning squalls of intensity to sparse wails of jagged guitar riffs, the group appears to be posing a singular proposition: Is it possible to soundtrack the end of the world in real time? The Detroit-born rockers have now completed their first decade as a band, but they sound more awake and anxious than ever.”—AV Club


    “following a slinky guitar line while singer Joe Casey reflects about how close he is to heaven’s gates.”—Consequence Of Sound (“Worm”)


    “restrained up until its final shuddering moments. Moody and meditative”—Stereogum (“Worm”)


    “the classic wall-of-noise feel of a Protomartyr track” —PASTE (“Processed”)


    “A post-punk stomper, the track vibrates with meditations from the guest performers’ reed instruments.”—Consequence Of Sound (“Processed”)


    “the seismic first cut off the Detroit band’s fifth LP rattles with ‘cosmic grief beyond all comprehension’”—TheFADER (“Processed”)


    “Casey once again casts his drunken-philosopher gaze on the world’s ills, back by a reverb-laden stomp that builds into the kind of cacophony this band does best.”—Stereogum (“Processed”)

    Listen: Protomartyr – “Worm In Heaven”

    Protomartyr – “Worm In Heaven”

  • Dirty Projectors

    Dirty Projectors

    Flight Tower EP

    Dirty Projectors have shared new single, “Lose Your Love” at a moment when social distancing threatens to collapse into social alienation, singer Felicia Douglass implores us: “Just hold on, let yourself be found!” This is an anthem that invites connection and celebrates our need for one another.


    The song’s big, buoyant beats and exuberant instrumentation are a world away from the acoustic meditations of the “Windows Open” EP. But this is another facet of the same dynamic band: keyboardist-percussionist Felicia Douglass takes the lead, joined in harmony by Maia Friedman and Kristin Slipp, on music written and produced by leader Dave Longstreth.


    On June 26th, Dirty Projectors will release their “Flight Tower” EP, the next in a sequence of five EPs that will come out in 2020. You read that right: March’s “Windows Open” EP was not a one-off, but the opening feature of a pentahedron of new music the band began in 2019 and is now working to wrap. Each EP will feature a different band member on lead vocals — Maia, Felicia, Kristin & Dave — with everyone trading verses on the fifth and final installment.


    On the upcoming “Flight Tower” EP, Felicia is in the captain’s chair. Each track is built around her mellifluous alto and empathetic eye, and Felicia and Dave wrote the lyrics together. Longstreth tills the other side of the screen, letting the sonic seeds planted on 2017’s Dirty Projectors and 2018’s Lamp Lit Prose blossom into something weird and new.  

    Listen: Dirty Projectors – “Lose Your Love”

    Dirty Projectors – “Lose Your Love”

  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

    Sideways To New Italy

    Following up their #1 Single at SubModern “Cars In Space” not only comes Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s newest unveiling “She’s There,” but also word of their second album “Sideways To New Italy” (out 6/5!)! Stereogum aptly nails the new single as striking “that same balance of a propulsive instrumental and a carefully orchestrated array of vocal hooks, driving by on first listen and then burrowing deeper and deeper into your head.” 


    For Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, returning to Melbourne after long stretches looking out at the world through the windows of airplanes and tour vans lead to a dislocation, like being the knot in the middle of a game of tug-o-war. The upcoming “Sideways to New Italy” sees the band interrogate their individual pasts and the places that inform them. In clicking the scattered pieces back into place, they have crafted for themselves a new totem of home to carry with them no matter where they end up.


    “These songs were a long time coming together, after a year of touring and dislocation. To us, the album reaches forward to home and to love. New Italy is a tiny replica Venetian town built by immigrants in the middle of the Australian bush, it struck a chord with us as this kind of utopian totem of home (also knowing there is no such thing as a clean slate). It’s a strange time to be releasing music, but it seems like music sounds better than ever right now. We want to send our love to old Italy too, a place close to our all of our hearts, and also an inspiration for this album.”—RBCF


    “It’s pure guitar-mad elation. Hooks get piled on top of hooks, and the fleeting beauty of the music opens up a sense of urgency and drama in the lyrics. If they’re gunning for the best guitar band since Parquet Courts, then this is a great way to make the case.”—Rolling Stone’s ‘Song You Need To Know’ (“She’s There”)

    Listen: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “She’s There

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “She’s There”

  • Man Man

    Man Man

    Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between

    Man Man’s upcoming “Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between” isn’t out out until 5/1, but in the meantime you can watch the entertaining new lyric video below for ebullient first single “Cloud Nein.”


    Honus Honus (aka Ryan Kattner) has devoted his career to exploring the uncertainty between life’s extremes: beauty and ugliness, order and chaos. The songs on “Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between,” Man Man’s first album in over six years and his Sub Pop debut, are as intimate, soulful, and timeless as they are audaciously inventive and daring.


    Man Man will tour extensively in 2020 in support of “Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between”. Live dates will be announced soon.


    Honus Honus, who directed the visual, says of the first single/video, “Life is short. Dance, be merry.”

    Listen: Man Man – “Future Peg”

    Man Man – “Future Peg”

  • Amber Mark

    Amber Mark

    “Heart-Shaped Box”

    Amber Mark’s inspired take on Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” is the first in her brand new COVERED-19 series, a collection of original demos and covers. The New York-based singer, songwriter and producer will release a new track entirely self-produced and recorded from her NYC flat during the lockdown, alongside a home-made visual every two weeks and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver this to radio!


    Amber Mark has been keen to remain productive during the current global pandemic and resulting self-isolation; “For me, making music in the Covid-19 quarantine has probably been the only positive to come out of a tragedy like this. All the pressure I normally feel when working on music is lifted. And I just have this ‘f**k it’ mentality. People get to really see you in your most bare state and vice versa. That’s the beauty in the music I’m making right now. It’s just me whipping up whatever I’m feeling. Keeping it minimal has been the key mentality for me and just having fun with it. I used to stress so much about visuals and the message I was sending with my music. I’ve learned a lot about myself already during the quarantine. And hope to keep this mentality going when all of this is finally over.”

    Listen: Amber Mark – “Heart-Shaped Box”

    Amber Mark – “Heart-Shaped Box”

  • Washed Out

    Washed Out

    “Too Late”

    Washed Out’s Ernest Greene was one of many artists who found themselves in a state of limbo last month after the widespread cancellations of live performances and unexpected travel restrictions. In Greene’s case, the first effect was canceling a long-planned music video shoot in Italy, where he was set to collaborate with an international team of filmmakers.


    In response, Greene took the opportunity to engage his fans, launching a collaborative creative project for the new Washed Out song “Too Late.” The result is a beautiful music video touching every corner of the globe that couldn’t have existed a month ago.


    “I’d spent months planning a music video for a new song called ‘Too Late.’ My inspiration was a Mediterranean sunset I saw late last year, and the plan was to shoot on the coast of Italy with a team of UK and European collaborators. As we got closer to the shoot date, word about the severity and the speed of the virus started becoming daily news, and it became clear it wasn’t going to happen the way we’d planned. We tried to move the shoot several times (to Malta, Croatia, Spain, and eventually the UK), and one after another, countries shut their borders. Seeing Italy hit so hard was especially difficult to see.


    I put up an IG post asking for fans to help me come up with the raw footage I had in mind – those first few days, as I was going through photos of my trips and tours, the memories of traveling and experiences I’d had took on a new significance. I wanted the video to capture those same moments for other people in their lives, and give us all an excuse to remember what it’ll look like again when it passes.


    I went in thinking if I got 100 clips, I’d have enough to make the video I wanted to make. 30 minutes in, I had the 100 clips, and a few days in, I had over 1,200 clips – from London, Bali, Okinawa, Ann Arbor, Dubrovnik and a few hundred other places around the world. It was pretty amazing for me to see the vids and pics flood in like they did.


    I was blown away by the response, and I’m excited to share the project with everyone now. For me, it’s turned out to be a much needed reminder of how connected we can all be when we’ve never been more physically distanced from each other. I hope everyone that contributed and everyone that watches the video gets the joy from it I do.


    I don’t know what the immediate future holds for Washed Out… I have a lot of new music in various states, and other projects I was looking forward to working on this summer. I don’t know when I’ll be able to tour again, or when any of the other new music will come out, but I’m staying optimistic about both….”

    – Ernest Greene

    Listen: Washed Out – “Too Late”

    Washed Out – “Too Late”

  • Day Wave

    Day Wave


    The critically acclaimed one-man indie band, Day Wave (aka Jackson Phillips) will release his new EP “Crush” on April 24th and also has revealed the second single/video “Potions.”


    The new song showcases mesmerizing arrangements that have long been a trademark of the Day Wave sound, just as “Crush” will reveal a newfound vocal dynamism from Phillips, whose steady growth as a performer lends an understated weight to EP’s emotional soul searching.


    Written and recorded after an extended break from the Day Wave world during which Phillips performed and recorded with Pete Yorn and Jai Wolf, the new collection finds Phillips reconnecting with his sonic roots as he grapples with questions of identity and purpose, fate and independence, memory and nostalgia.


    The four songs are built on a structural simplicity that belies their considerable emotional depth, and the arrangements are lo-fi and dreamy to match, conveying a mesmerizing intimacy that hints at everything from Guided By Voices and New Order to The Smiths and Pavement. Phillips produced, mixed, and mastered the entire EP himself in his new homebase of Los Angeles, and the end result is a raw, unfiltered look in the mirror from an artist determined to share his evolution in all its beautiful, bittersweet truth.


    “Crush” will be out on a limited 12” on Record Store Day on June 20th.

    Listen: Day Wave – “Potions”

    Day Wave – “Potions”

  • Moaning


    Uneasy Laughter

    Moaning, the musical effort from Los Angeles-based vocalist/guitarist Sean Solomon, bassist/keyboardist Pascal Stevenson and drummer Andrew MacKelvie, will follow-up their 2018 self-titled debut with “Uneasy Laughter”. What happens when an abrasive rock trio trades guitars for synths, cranks up the beats and leans into the everyday anxieties of simply being a functioning human in the 21st century?


    “Uneasy Laughter​” is a collaborative breakthrough which significantly brightens Moaning’s once claustrophobic sound, again abetted by producer/engineer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Bloc Party, Melvins). The trio points to first single & video “Ego,” as an embodiment of this evolution.


    “The lyrics are about letting go of your own bullsh*t to help other people. Wanting to love yourself to love others. The ego can make you feel like you’re the greatest person in the world or the worst.” stated vocalist Sean Solomon. It makes you think your problems are abnormally different which is isolating and rarely true. The song is a reminder that listening to other perspectives is important and beneficial to both parties involved.”


    “Musically, the song was started by repurposing a drum beat made for a different demo and putting it on top of a new synth loop. It was a digital collage where we passed Ableton files back and forth,” added bassist/keyboardist Pascal Stevenson. “We purposely avoided the impulse to add guitars to everything, letting the melodies of the synth and vocals be the focus. We wanted to embrace the songs ability to slip between genre lines.”

    Listen: Moaning – “Ego”

    Moaning – “Ego”

  • The Districts

    The Districts

    You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere

    Following up the evocative first single “Hey Jo”, Philadelphia’s The Districts reveal “Cheap Regrets,” the next single/video from their forthcoming “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere”!!!


    “Cheap Regrets is some late capitalist nihilism channeled into a Districts dance party.  It’s about the extremes of American culture constantly reinforcing the self. The mirror reconfirms you.  It’s all iPhone, selfies, and mirrors. Sell yourself baby. The consumer gets consumed. I wanted people to dance together to a song about alienation to find some collective transcendence in that.” –The Districts bandleader Rob Grote


    “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere” was produced by The Districts and frequent collaborator Keith Abrams, and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Spoon, MGMT, Tame Impala). The band will embark on a North American headline tour in support of the album early next year (see our tour page).


    While “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere” builds on preceding albums, it takes an ambitious leap to a new level, exhibiting a widened sense of experimentation and expansiveness at its heart. There’s Rhodes, Mellotron, strings, samples, drum machines, tape loops, Wurlitzer, “ambient swells,” piano, synthesizers; heck, bandleader Rob Grote lists 12 instruments next to his name alone. Pulling from the propulsive “Popular Manipulations,” the jagged indie rock of 2015’s “A Flourish and a Spoil,” and the rootsy vibe of their 2012 debut, “Telephone,” The Districts have followed their creative instincts every step of the way, resulting in their most sophisticated and adventurous record to date.

    Listen: The Districts – “Cheap Regrets” (radio edit)

    The Districts – “Cheap Regrets” (radio edit)

  • Wallows



    Wallows Are Back, and with their first new music of 2020 as they remind us it’ll be “OK” (the new single is Out Now!).


    On the meaning of the song and how it applies to the current epidemic the band says, “OK” is a song about insecurities in a relationship; having a hard time accepting something that feels “too good to be true”, but overall learning to embrace it and accept the love you’re receiving and focusing on returning it. Now, given the state of the world and the health crisis we happen to be in at the time of the song’s release, we feel like the main line/hook of the song, “Can we get up and try to feel okay again?”, sort of takes on a new meaning/purpose itself for people at this moment in time. The thought that no matter where we are or how alone/lost we feel right now, we can get up again and try to feel OK. We’re in it together.”


    A bit more adventurous, the next musical phase of Wallows “sounds different but right,” says the band. It’s a natural evolution of who they’ve grown to be since recording their acclaimed debut album “Nothing Happens” in 2018, and an exploration of bringing more pop into their sound. They’re eager to introduce fresh material to their fans, record more music and take creative risks. Keep an eye on Wallows for more to come this year.


    Comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, the members of Wallows have been best friends since the age of 11. Their acclaimed Atlantic Records debut album “Nothing Happens” got them noticed via singles like “Are You Bored Yet? (Feat. Clairo)” and “Scrawny,” and the band has been on the road for a headline tour selling out and even having to Upgrade numerous venues globally.

    Listen: Wallows – “OK” (radio edit)

    Wallows – “OK” (radio edit)